Metal Slug Awakening APK

1.1.0 By VNGGames International

Metal Slug Awakening APK is a new version of the legendary game of fighting king. If you love fighting games then try out the new version of Metal Slug: Awakening. Here we are discussing the new features and main plot of this app, download it now.

Metal Slug Awakening APK for Android

This app brings you the latest version of a legendary fighting game. If you enjoy playing fighting games, then you’re in for a treat with this updated version, Metal Slug: Awakening. Let’s delve into the exciting new features and the main storyline of this app. Don’t wait any longer – go ahead and download it now!

The Ultimate Transformation

In this app, get ready to experience the ultimate transformation of a classic game. It’s like seeing an old friend in a brand-new avatar. The graphics have been upgraded, making the game more vibrant and engaging. The characters and environments have been given a fresh look, giving you a whole new visual experience.

Diverse Gameplay & Fast-paced Challenges

This app offers diverse gameplay that keeps you on your toes. Engage in thrilling battles and take on challenging opponents. The fast-paced action will keep your heart racing as you make split-second decisions and showcase your fighting skills. Each level brings unique challenges, ensuring that you’re always entertained and engaged.

New & Advanced Super Vehicles

Get behind the wheel (or controls) of powerful super vehicles in this app. These vehicles are equipped with advanced weaponry and can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Whether you’re blasting through enemy lines or taking down bosses, these super vehicles add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Fiery Battlefield! Ultimate Gameplay

Prepare for an intense and fiery battlefield in this app. The game designers have crafted dynamic environments that immerse you in the heat of the action. Engage in battles across various settings, each with its own challenges and surprises. The combination of explosive visuals and adrenaline-pumping gameplay creates an unforgettable gaming experience.

Easter Eggs With Numerous Surprises

Discover a world of hidden treasures in this app. Hunt for Easter eggs scattered throughout the game, and you’ll be rewarded with numerous surprises. These surprises could range from bonus items to secret power-ups, enhancing your gaming journey. Keep an eye out for these Easter eggs to uncover all the exciting surprises.

Unlimited Access, Premium Unlocked

Worried about limitations? Fret not! This app offers unlimited access to its exciting features. Additionally, the premium content is unlocked, giving you the full experience without any barriers. Immerse yourself in the world of Metal Slug: Awakening without worrying about running out of chances or missing out on premium goodies.

How to Download APK?

Download the latest 1.1.0 by following the steps:

  • Tap on the Download APK 1.9 GB
  • On the next downloading page get the APK file
  • Download it on your phone, and then install it.

If you don’t know how to install the app then read the guide on “Installation Process” – in case of a problem do a comment.


These are some FAQs about the latest v1.1.0 of this app, if you have to ask anything you can ask us.

Q. How can I download and install?

Ans. You can quickly get it by clicking Download APK (1.1.0), and install APK by opening it on your Android phone.

Q. Is this app free?

Ans. Yes, this app is free, you get all features in the free version 1.1.0.

Q. Is this app safe and secure?

Ans. Yes, the team has tested this app. This is safe and secure.


Metal Slug Awakening APK information is given below – We’ve explained the features of the 1.1.0 Version and if you have anything to ask then drop your comment. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Check more apps,


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August 20, 2023
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