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    Guys if you are wishing to donate to Imran Khan then you can visit the Namanzore Com website portal. The official website is currently not working but you can donate through HBL Bank detail which is given on the official PTI Twitter account.

    How do you feel about the current political tensions which have been created in Pakistan? News of the demise and resignation of the previous Minister of the Interior and Prime Minister of Pakistan was reported all over the world. Many Pakistanis living in other countries are worried.

    Namanzore Com APK for Android

    Imran Khan, the former Premier of Pakistan has launched to solicit donations from Pakistanis out of the country. What is the main objective of the site? What are the different ways that donors can contribute towards Let’s see! Imran Khan (the former Premier) in Pakistan posted the video message of 15 April 2022, to Pakistanis abroad, asking for their assistance in easing tensions between the two countries.

    App Details

    Name Namanzore Com
    Updated January 4, 2022
    Compatible with Android 5.0 +
    Latest version 1.0.0
    Size 10 MB
    MOD No Ads
    Category Entertainment
    Developer Namanzore Com
    Price Free

    What is Namanzore Com?

    The former PM, Imran Kan, announced’s launch. The site is named in honor of the motto currently used by Imran Kan as well as his supporters. To solicit contributions by Pakistanis, Imran Khan created the website to raise money for legitimate elections in Pakistan as well as to counter the sudden change in government.

    The website was just launched. In just a few hours, it was down because of the huge amount of internet traffic. Everyone within the country quickly stepped into action to assist in the midst of a crisis and made donations online to support the conduct of elections.

    He urged all Pakistanis out of the country to contribute to him and his nation via The website crashed, and there was an abundance of traffic. This is an obvious sign of the generosity of donors.

    Key Features

    • The URL for this website’s address is
    • Don’t also give under the same name
    • The website crashed due to high traffic on the site
    • Because this site is exclusively intended for Pakistanis out of Pakistan, you are unable to access it from Pakistan
    • This is to ensure the website is not overloaded with the server.
    • This site is accessible to all countries other than Pakistan
    • If you’re having issues, let them be known in the comments box.

    How to Download APK?

    To download this APK “Namanzore Com” latest version 1.0.0 for Android, PC, or iOS/iPhone please follow these steps. This is an easy and official method of installing this APK on Android/PC/iOS.

    • Scroll a little down or above.
    • Find the Download APK button.
    • Click on it and go to the next page.
    • Select any download link.
    • Get for your smartphone.

    How to Install APK?

    If you have successfully got the latest version or any older version of this app then proceed to install it. This is the method of installing apps on Android manually.

    • Go to the folder where you have the APK file.
    • Click on the app file or icon.
    • Launch APK installer for Android.
    • Enable “Unknown Sources’ in settings.
    • Proceed by allowing all required permission.
    • Click and then install the app.
    • Now you can open the app to use it.

    Latest Update

    • Known bugs fixed
    • Speed and experience boosted
    • Changes in interface
    • New features (free)

    This app was uploaded on since April 16, 2022. Latest update contains many new features and changes in the app version 1.0.0 which is released on August 23, 2022. Download and update the app to enjoy updated experience.

    Pros and Cons

    Here are some pros and cons of Namanzore Com’s latest version which you are going to download on your smartphone. If you are facing any problem in deciding or downloading this app then watch our video pinned in the app.


    1. Latest version 1.0.0’s size Varies with device is reduced, now enjoy more features in less space.
    2. It’s available on different App stores like Google Play, App Store, APKPure, UptoDown, and other APK Sites.
    3. Consumes less data and battery of your device, runs smoothly on all supported devices.
    4. Number of ads are reduced, no annoying ads. You can also remove ads if you want to go pro.


    1. After its latest update on August 23, 2022 you’ll not be able to use it on low end devices.
    2. Old versions are still accessible but you’re not able to use latest version 1.0.0 features.
    3. Some old features are missing, but you can enjoy new to fill the gap.
    4. Few offline features are moved to online in V1.0.0, you’ll need data connection to use them.

    Alternative for PC

    Do love this app, and do you want to use Namanzore Com on a PC? But unfortunately, this is not available for Windows PC. What you can do now, is just install the best alternative to this app. There are many alternatives to this app in the market you can use any of them. There is another option for using this on PC, you can use any APK Emulator for free.


    This is everything you need to know about “Namanzore Com” and its details. In this article, you can read the key features, and how to download and install this app on your Smartphone or PC. If you are going to use it then kindly share your experience with us. In case of trouble with this app please comment below.

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    1. Salman yaqoob says:

      Love you khan sahb گھبرانا ni hm ap ka sath ha

    2. Haris khan says:

      Inshallah imran khan next prime Minister hon ge

    3. Mahmood Ahmad says:

      we r all with you KHAN SAHIB Pakistan zindabad

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      Love you imran khan ALLAHk hukam sy INSHAALLAH Ap surkharoo hon gy

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      Full spurt from malysia 🇲🇾 love you Khan

    6. Adnan khan says:

      Khan the great

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      Imran khan zindabad

    8. FAISALMALIK says:

      I love you Ik vote for you ❤

    9. Khalid Aziz says:

      عمران خان حقیقی آزادی حاصل کرنے کے لیے ہم تمہارے ساتھ ہیں
      I love you khan

    10. Yasir says:

      Inshallah next prime master Imran Khan puri kom ap k sath hai choro ki thori e hukmt hai 2 4 din mn daka dal k chaly jay gy Imran Khan sb ko pkry ga or Pakistan ko boat opr ly k jay ga 🥰

    11. Amir Khan says:

      . I love ImranKhan‏سب کو سمجھ ا گئی ہے


    12. Ali Ahmed says:

      Why hi don’t open it.?

    13. Ali Ahmed says:

      Why. Hi don’t open .?

    14. Azeem khan says:

      ‏صدر بناؤ ورنہ فورا الیکشن کرواؤ۔ فضل الرحمان کی دھمکی۔ 😂

    15. Naeem khan says:

      میرا ووٹ صرف پی ٹی آئی کا ہے اور پی ٹی آئی کا رہے گا عمران خان زندہ باد

    16. Khan Yasir says:

      #imported government disapproved
      Keep it up I.K we love you…..
      God bless you…..
      May Allah give you success……

    17. Tahir Azam Jutt says:

      i like imran khan.
      God is with the true human beings.
      inshallah next prime minister imran khan

    18. Sajid Bashir says:

      امپورٹڈ- حکومت- نامنظور#

    19. Shahid yousafzai says:

      عمران حان ھم پردیسی بھای اپکے ساتھ کڑے ھںیہں کڑے
      رھینگے یقین کے ساتھ ایمان کیساتھ اور بھرپور کیساتھ انشا۶اللہ ھم اپکوں دعاوں مییں رکینگے

    20. Naeem Khan Niazi says:

      Great khan Imran Khan
      I love 💕 u

    21. Zia ul haq says:

      Love you khan گھبرانا نہیں

    22. Zabar ali says:

      Imran Khan Love you

    23. Zabar ali says:

      میرا ووٹ صرف پی ٹی آئی کا ہے اور پی ٹی آئی کا رہے گا عمران خان زندہ باد

    24. Ameer Hamza says:

      Imran khan sab hak ka sath ha or hum b ap k sath ha inshallaha ( hamy chaya hakiki azadi )

    25. Muhammad hashmi says:

      خان صاحب ہم تمہارے ساتھ ہیںں

    26. Mohammad Arif says:

      My vote only for pti imran Khan Niazi

    27. Shahid khan says:

      Im with you khan sahab ❤️❤️❤️

    28. Muhammad Umar says:

      Ap kehty the na khabrna ni khan sab Ab hum overseas kehty ha ni khabrna overseas pakistani app ka sath or inshallah agy bi rahe gay.

    29. Muhammad Umar says:

      Ap kehty the na khabrna ni khan sab Ab hum overseas kehty ha ap na ni khabrna overseas pakistani app ka sath ha or inshallah rahegyy.

    30. Asif Rasul says:

      امپورٹڈ- حکومت- نامنظور

    31. Ghulam sarwar says:

      Imran Khan zinda bad hum ap k Sath thy aur inshallah rehy gy

    32. ASIF RAZA says:

      Allah Karim kamyabi atta farmaye

    33. Shabib Hussain says:

      Imported government Namanzoor

    34. Javed khan says:

      Dear PTI team and the super Respected Imran khan m You are the winner Insha Allah.
      Please try to bring the presidential system for clear crystal Government. ASAP.
      Please chose all the Ministers from PTI only & keep your best PTI workers near to you like MR.JEHANGEER TAREEN and so on for ease to achieve your tough goals easily.
      Much regards and many thanks.

    35. Husnain Sanwal says:

      Khan sb love you 💕💕💕💕💕 8

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