PakBuck Snack Video APP (Earn 30$ Daily)

Are you looking for PakBuck Snack Video App which helps you to earn 30, 000 Rupees monthly from SnackVideo APK? All about Pak Buck is here, you can download and update the snack video to boost your earnings. Recently we have discussed Earning Tricks and methods to earn from snack app. This is the latest info and updates about the PakBuk Snack app. Don’t search for MOD apk, just get the official app from here.

There are many apps that let you earn money from them, but snackvideo made a flood of money in Pakitan. Everyone started earning money from Snack apk. This is a big opportunity and chance for students to make some money from this app. Because, this is very easy, as we have discussed.

PakBuck SnackVideo

In this post, I’ll explain PakBuck and SnackVideo. What are these things and how these can help you to enjoy short videos and making money? Learn more below in this post and start earning money from the app around 30$ = 5000 Pakistani Rupees.

PakBuck Snack App – Earn 30$ Daily

Yes, this is another app that is going to help you make 5 thousand daily from Snack Video App. Update your app by downloading the latest version from here, and get the reward. You can also boost your daily coins of snack apps using this app. Coins can be easily converted/exchanged daily in the morning. Make just a little effort to get your cash prize from snackvideo.

App Details

App NameSnackVideo
File Size47MBs
Operating SystemAndroid
GenreShort Videos

What is PakBuck Snack App?

This is another web/app to help you earn money from SnackVideo App. You can download the Snack App by Pak Buck from here. This is the official version of the app, that lets you boost your coins and earnings in the app. If you want to make some extra money then you can try this app on your Android. Also, get entertainment stuff. Watch your favourite creators, and create your own videos for SnackVideo.

How to Snack App can help you?

PakBuck is a website that helps you to know the latest news about SnackVideo and other earning apps in Pakistan. You can see the channels and snack profile. This person is helping you for earning coins, and real cash from Snack. Just follow the Pak Buck Snack app and get the latest updates. Get everything you need to know about the app.

Why is Pak Buck Famous?

This is the platform where you can get the latest updates of SnackVideo features and events. You can learn how to make from snackvideo and other apps like TikTok. If you are looking for a method (3 ways) to earn money from SnackVide then follow Pak buck.

How to Earn Money on Snack App?

If you have an android app that supports snack app then just install and start using this. You can easily earn 30,000/50,000 from SnackVideo using these tricks. There is not any hack for this app, you’ve to work hard for a little time. You can earn unlimited coins by following these legal methods.

Earn by inviting people – you can earn money on this app, for inviting new friends. If you invite a friend and he joins the snack family for the first time you’ll get the cash prize of 500 PKR. Invite as many friends as you can, and earn around 7 thousand daily.

Invite 10 friends a week – this is a new event that can help you to make 7000 PKR by inviting 10 friends in a week. You can invite more friends, but on the first 10 invites you can earn this bonus cash.

Complete given tasks – snack video gives you daily tasks to complete and earn. There are 3 main tasks including share a moment”, daily “check-in” and “New Invite”. Complete and get coins. Later, you can exchange coins for real money.

SnackVideo Earning Proof

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How to Download Pakbuck SnackVideo?

You can download Pak Buck Snack Video Latest version. Just follow these steps and get the official version of the app on your Android. I’d like you to recommend you install the app from Google Play Store. But if you can’t find it or this isn’t available then you can use this method.

On this page, above the text, you can clearly see a visible download apk button. This button can help you to get the app. Just perform a click, and wait for few seconds. Your download will start in some seconds. After this just follow the method to install it manually.

How to Install/Update APK?

If you have the apk file in your file manager or memory card then you can follow this manual method to install/update the app. This is not much difficult just, go to the folder where you have APK.

  • Click on the APK file.
  • It will start APK installer.
  • Android APK Installer needs your permission.
  • Enable unknown sources and allow permissions.
  • Click the enabled next button.
  • Now just tap on the Install button, and wait.

Good, you have done it. APK is installed on your android mobile. Now you can use this to earn money. If you are facing any kind of issue, drop a comment here.


This was all about the Snack Video Pak Buck app if you are going to use this app. Please share your experience with us by commenting on this post. I’ve told you everything including what is this and how to get started with the app? The most important thing, how you can earn money with snack videos. If you have other questions or problems then ask in the comments.

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