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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK is another interesting game come. If you are looking for 2nd version/chapter of Poppy Playtime then here is everything you need to know and download. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can install the earlier version of PP Chapter 2 on your smartphone, from Google Play Store. I am providing you with the mod and Mediafire link, which helps you to get it.

Are you interested in innovative horror games featuring distinct elements? If yes, Poppy Playtime will promise to present new characters with hilarious stories that leave a lasting impression. You’ll get to go on this horror adventure by yourself, and discover a myriad of secrets hidden in the dark corners. The game offers an array of useful features to help you discover shocking facts. Be a warrior of courage who is willing to take on all difficulties and meet the requirements of the game.

The first, Poppy Playtime shows you the virtual opening as well as the enjoyment that playing provides. You will also be amazed by the pictures and the new features in the game. You’ll be a prominent person within the toy industry and you are trying to locate the toys that were stolen in the game. The villains stop like they are trying to smack you after you’ve hidden the items in the house that was abandoned and you must go and locate them.

These toys are the result of your work which is why you have to get a new price. But, the issue was raised by the abandoned home that was renowned for its mysteries. There is no one who has dared enter the house since dark rooms are always visible and no one is aware of the contents. But, with the right skills and courage, you can choose to go inside and uncover the precious objects you’ve created.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK for Android

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is part 2 of the Poppy Playtime series. The entire plot of this series is centered on The Playtime Toy Factory. It was once a renowned toy manufacturing facility across the nation with many toys and enormous dimensions, however, due to an unidentified incident, the entire workforce here disappeared without a trace. The shocking incident occurred over a decade ago. There are numerous rumors about the shocking incident. No person would dare to discover what happened except for you, an employee who worked at the company for quite a while.

You’ve been off the job for quite a long time. Now, you’re getting an advertisement for a new product by Playtime itself. In the video, the person who announced the product is the former Playtime boss. What is advertised on the screen is a clever doll called Poppy which is believed to be the most intelligent doll that can talk, hear, and even feel and sense just like an actual girl.

In the beginning, the video suddenly started to become loud. The screen was black and showed a huge floral arrangement on the wall with the center there was a pathway. A message appears that is probably only for you, an employee at the factory “Everybody believed that the employees in Playtime went missing 20 years back. But now we’re trapped inside the factory. Let’s look for the flower.”

App Details

Name Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK
Updated Recently
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Latest version 2.0
Size 20 MB
MOD No Ads
Category Android Apps
Developer Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK Team
Price Free

What is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK?

In the story of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, you’re truly devastated by the disappearance of former coworkers. After watching the clip above you decide to go back to the Poppy Playtime manufacturing facility to learn more about the reason for the disappearance.

When you enter the factory, you will find a set of blue and red gloves. The most dangerous threat in the game, and the animal responsible for the mystery of disappearance in the past 20 years, is a gigantic green hairy beast called Huggy Wuggy. The disfigured face, the unnatural smile, and its terrifying torn-up body make it necessary to figure out how to get to escape the factory, locate clues to the mystery of the past and then escape while avoiding the pursuit of it.

It’s been there at the very beginning of your journey through the door. The factory is dark and frightening right now. You race to locate the switch that activates the electric power source inside the factory. Once everything is in the order it is time to return to the monster that has escaped.

Lead the participant and function as a narrator by giving important clues like video or audiotapes. There are spoken words and brief conversations of old friends who used to be employed here. In the audiotapes from two workers, Avery and Rich mentioned the truth about this Playtime toys factory.

In contrast to the gorgeous appearance and warm image that Playtime has created in the community by implementing a number of connection and sponsorship programs, toys have profound humanistic significance however, within the factories, each worker is being exploited. Every day is long, yet the rest of the time will be measured as minutes. In addition, there are numerous negative things about this work atmosphere.

These GrabPack Green Gloves can assist you in this dark factory puzzle adventure. You can hack a circuit, break an object that is heavy, grab something from some distance, then push an arrow in the darkness. Use it in many situations of escape, or in overcoming challenging obstacles. In addition to the tapes which provide clues to the clues, these Gloves are the ones you utilize the most often in the game.

Do not be distracted by noises or footsteps, and keep an eye for the toys. They’re not as welcoming as you believe. They range from Bot Huggy to Huggy, Catbee to Poppy All are created with the same intention and past events have turned them into monsters.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Fast and reliable experience
  • More interesting options added
  • New interface changes
  • No ads during using
  • Sign-up is not necessary
  • Free app and much more
  • Enter the eerie rooms inside the main building to complete the massive tasks that the game imposes on you and work on them completely.
  • There are dark shadows throughout the home, and they are seeking ways to frighten you. employ a normal flashlight to take them out.
  • Make use of the weapons to take down the demons and monsters that seem to hinder your research.
  • Go into the intermediate room to find the secrets and also get the toys you’re looking for.
  • Improve your movement and shapeshifting capabilities to give you a unique impression of this captivating adventure game.

How to Download APK?

To download this APK’s latest version 2.0 for Android, PC, or iOS/iPhone please follow these steps. This is an easy and official method of installing this APK on Android/PC/iOS.

  • Scroll a little down or above.
  • Find the Download APK button.
  • Click on it and go to the next page.
  • Select any download link.
  • Get for your smartphone.

After getting the APK file you can follow this method to install the app on your phone. If you’ve not downloaded this app’s latest version 2.0 from humbletricks.com then you may face issues while installing.

How to Install APK?

If you have successfully got the latest version or any older version of this app then proceed to install it. This is the method of installing apps on Android manually.

  • Go to the folder where you have the APK file.
  • Click on the app file or icon.
  • Launch APK installer for Android.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in settings.
  • Proceed by allowing all required permission.
  • Click and then install the app.
  • Now you can open the app to use it.

Alternative for PC

Do you like this, and do you want to use Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK on a PC, iPhone/iOS? But unfortunately, this may not available for Windows PC or iPhones. What you can do now, is just install the best alternative to this app. There are many alternatives to this app in the market you can use any of them. There is another option for using this on PC, you can use any APK Emulator for free.


This is everything you need to know about the “Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK” and its details. In this article, you can read the key features, and how to download and install this app on your Smartphone or PC. If you are going to use it then kindly share your experience with us. In case of trouble with this app please comment below.

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