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After many days I am going to write an article on Blogger Widget. Yes, you can say this a widget or effect. Today we are going to know that what is the preloading effect and how this affects your blog – we’ll also know how to add preloading effect in Blogger. So, let us discuss this.

simple preloading effect, How to Add Preloading Effect in Blogger



What is the Preloading Effect?

A screen or overlay screen that displays on your blog/website before content loading, is called preloading screen or effect. You can see my blog as an example. This will show three loading balls until my page is completed loaded. Now let me, discuss its importance. 

Why preloader is important?

Sometimes, your audience won’t want to stay on your page. A user just comes and download or do his/her work and go before your ads loading. This can be risky for your revenue and in most cases, it causes an increase in the bonus rate. We use these preloading effects to not show anything before our page and everything on-page is completely loaded. Somehow, this can cause for better revenue.

Should we use or Not?

We should use it – there is not any problem with these codes. These are just CSS/HTML codes that show an overlay screen. It can help us to earn revenue and maintain the bonus rate. 
Pros and Cons – there are not any cons. So, this is a waste of time to talk about the pros and cons. Use this without any fear. This has lots of pros.

How to Add Preloading Effect in Blogger?

Now follow these easy steps to add this simple preloading effect in your blog or website. If you are on a blogger site then this is an easy method or if you are running a WordPress site then you can easier method, I mean just search for the Preloading effect Plugin and Install.
1. Go to Blogger and sign in to your account, then simply go to Dashboard.
2. Go to “Theme” – you can see in the sidebar. Now simply click edit HTML. 
3. Click in it and press CTRL+F – now search </body> in these codes. 
4. After finding </body> download the code given below and Paste just before/above </body> – and save theme.


Guys this was a humble article about a simple preloading effect. Now after reading this article you can easily add preloading effect/screen in your blogger site. If you have any questions then kindly comment below. 

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        1. Akhtar Post author

          just increase delay time in code… to do this find delay time by CTRL+F

    1. Akhtar Post author

      Take a deep look at Code, you’ll understand everything. If you need more help you can comment.


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