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Hey! I’m writing this informative article for you because many Android users are unknown about their mobile activities. If your phone was under the control of any other person, maybe children or any friend then how could you know what happened with my phone? 


The answers of these questions are in this article. You can check about every activity of an android mobile phone. In this, I’ll tell you about some secret codes of android mobile. You can use them by just dialing them on dialler.

Samsung Secret Codes:


  • *#*#4636#*


This is very useful codes, will help you in checking information about your device you can check much information about your device by this code.

You can check by this code about battery avg. Battery health, devices model, touch information and many more. This is a very important code, will work on only a few devices. 

I have checked it in my Samsung but oops! This doesn’t work but my many other friends have checked on their mobile, they got surprised by this code.

  • *#21# 


By dialing this code you will be able to check your call forwarding options. If your calls are forwarded then you can check here that on which number your calls are redirecting. You can set call forwarding by entering the number between this code for example,

If you will dial this code no one will be able to call you.

  • ##02*


If you have set any call forwarding or this is done by any other person then you can dial this code to disable every call forwarding. This will show you an error but it is done.

  • *#06#

If you are a new user to your new mobile then you can use this code to check the IMEI number of your phone. You check and verify your mobile by reading this article.

  • *#0001#


Use this code to check the serial number of your phone.

  • *2767*3855#

If you are unable to reset your phone by going in settings then you can do this by just dialing this code on dialler.

  • [*2767*2878#

If you don’t want to delete any of your data then here is another code to this. You can use this code for a custom reset.

  • *#8999*837#

Use this code to check the hardware version of your mobile.


  • *#8999*324#

There may be a bug on your screen to debug your screen this code will help you in this matter.


  • #*2562#

Sometimes you have a damaged power button and you have to restart your phone then this is a helper. Use this code on dialler to restart your phone.

Final Words:

These were some secret codes for you. If there is any problem in code or code is not working on your device then please comment so I may help you in finding a correct code for your device.

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