Sim Card Removed Error Samsung (Fixed)

Sim Card Removed Error Samsung (Fixed), sim card removed error, sim card removed restart

You can do 3 things to fix the Sim Card Removed Error in Samsung or on any other device. In this article, I’ll tell you 3 simple tricks/methods to get rid of this error.
I was facing the same error on my Samsung Galaxy J2. I am sure that – you may be having the same version or series of this mobile. If you’re, then don’t worry because I have fixed the error on my device.
This error is really very hurting. This often came when we insert any SIM in our second slot of mobile. You’ll face this error while you are using two SIMs.
I have tested some tricks but only one worked for me. I’ll tell you 3 selected because they are also working on some devices.

Weight/Pressure on SIM Card.

Recommended: Guys, this trick is working for me. I personally used this trick on many mobiles. So, try this before you do big.
After testing every trick, only this one worked for me. Now I am using this trick. You can also do this at your home.
Just get a piece of paper or any other thing to make pressure on the SIM card.  This trick will work if you having any Samsung mobile.
Paste your weight on the SIM card. After restarting the mobile you’ll be happy to see that error has vanished.
This trick means, that you have to fix the SIM card on tray successfully. If there will be pressure on the SIM card then it will not be removed.

Choose Right Operators.  

This is the better option to select the right – I mean the same network operator right after inserting the SIM card. You know that error comes when you change the network to the second SIM.
So go to your settings. Then search for more networks. In more networks, you’ll find the network operator. Go in, and search for an operator. Select the right operator after searching. After this, test error – restart or change the network. If an error is, then try another trick.

Reset your Device (Hard Reset Recommended).

Warning: I don’t recommend this, because this worked for me only for 1 time. If you do this, your whole data will be lost.
If you are getting this error for the first time then this is can be helpful for you. After resetting your device you’ll not see the error for 3 or 4 months. But I’m sure that it will come back.
Hard reset is recommended because it can fix so many other errors and viruses in your device. If you want to perform a factory reset this official article by Samsung can help you.
To perform a hard reset just turn off your device. Confirm that it is turned off successfully.
After this, press the power-on button. Right after one-second press the (Volume-up+Home Button+Power button) at the same time.
A window will be opened – now you can see the factory reset option in the list. You can navigate by volume buttons and perform ok by the power button.


Guys, I have shared some humble tricks to fix Sim Card Removed Error on your mobile. If any of them is working for you or you’ve found any other then kindly comment on your precious words here.

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