Snack App by Sohail Trick APK – Download (Get $50)

Here is the new version of the Snack App by Sohail Trick – download snack video and earn extra money. Sohail presents you with the latest version of the snack video apk. There are many other apps by Techebly, Sajal Tv, Point APK, and FiCoder. But the app by Sohail tricks is most popular and interesting.

I’m going to teach you how you can earn 50$ with the snack app. If you don’t know I’ve recently shared snack app updates and earning tricks. The most used app snack video app by Sajal tv is also available on this website. You get many more tips and all rules on the blog, follow now. Now let me explain the Sohail trick snack app.

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This is a free app by Sohail you can download from here. Download snack app and install by the following method on Android. Try this and boost your snack video earnings. FiCoder, APK Cycle, and APK free tips are similar to SohailTrick.

Snack App

SnackVideo is here with your favourite creators and videos. You can make funny moments and share them with your friends. Enjoy comedy, movie scenes, songs, and other funny videos on SnackVideo App. This is another famous platform after TikTok in Pakistan. If you are looking for any app, to earn money. This can also help you to make money. Download the new version of the snack app by Sohailtricks.

App details

App NameSnackVideo
File Size60MBs
Operating SystemAndroid
Current VersionLatest

What is Sohail Tricks?

Sohail is a Pakistani YouTuber, also has a profile on Snack Video. He is helping people to learn and earn snack app earning. If you are also following him, you can get the update and news about this app. He teaches how to earn money and how to boost snack coins? Download the latest version of snackvideo and learn earning tricks from him, make money.

How to get Snack App by Sohail Tricks?

You can simply get the original working version of the snack app from here. If you are looking for how to download, then just follow this method.

  • On the same page, you can see a download button.
  • Click on this button and wait for few seconds.
  • It will show you the download popup.
  • Just click ok and wait for some seconds.
  • Your download will be starting.
  • It will be complete after seconds, find it in the folder.

If you are facing any issue then you can easily comment on this post to get support.

How to Install APK?

I hope, you have successfully saved the app in your folders. Now just the steps to get it installed on your android. This is the method you can use to install any android apk manually. Go to the folder location where you have downloaded the apk file.

  • Open APK and launch APK Installer.
  • Enable unknown sources and click next.
  • Allow permissions that are necessary.
  • Click on the install you’ll see.
  • Done, wait for few seconds.

Great job, you have installed the app on your android. In case of any issue or error, please make a little comment.

How to Earn 50$ on Snack App?

Yes, that true you can make 50$ – 200$ on the snack video app by this method. Just follow the exact method and get the chance to win real money. First of all, make sure you have a perfect account. If you’ve must check if the withdrawal method is working or not. After this follow these steps.

  • Go to Snack Video App.
  • Click on the COIN icon, and open earning page.
  • Here you can see a 2nd invite button.
  • Click on the invite button, and go to the next page.
  • You’ll see 4,000, 1,600, 20,000 or 30,000 limit.
  • You can win up to 30,000 from this event.
  • Copy your link and edit the text.
  • Add emotional text with the code.
  • Start sharing on Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Get unlimited clicks on the “Give a Hand” button.

As many clicks, you’ll get the progress bar will increase your money. You’ll get more money when you cross the progress bar. So share this with your friends and ask them to give you help.

Snack App Earning Screenshots

PakProject, Snack Video, Snack Video Earning Tricks Snack Video Earning Tricks 1 (1)


I’ll share unique working tricks for snack video earning in my next article. This was just information about Snack by sohailtricks .com – ask your questions in the comments. I’ve also discussed how you can complete a weekly snack video event very fast? Follow these tricks and earn money.

Download Link

This is a simple and easy download link for APK. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, then just update and get your favourite creators’ videos, also make money.

Please note: this the official version of the Snack app, you can update it from here. You and your account are safe from everything.

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  1. Hi, I’m Hania Junaid257, please help me unlock Rs 30,000, and you could get rewards as well.Click the link below to install / open SnackVideo, If there is no response, please update to the latest version on Google Play.

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