Snack Video Earning Rules 2021

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Do you want to use Snack Video to make money and get fame? Here are some rules you must follow before start earning or creating videos. Yes, I am talking about Snack Video Earning Rules and Publishing Guidelines. Follow these rules and get positive results from Snack Video App. This article will help you to find earning rules and guidelines for posting videos on SnackVideo.

There are many important rules in the Snack Video App for earning money and posting videos but which is important and should be followed? Here is the full detail of RULES and GUIDELINES for EARNING money on Snack Video Official.

Snack Video Earning Rules

If you think your account is suspended due to a violation and that’s why you are not getting any money from Snack App. Then read this important article and get to know why your videos are not getting views. Also, I’ll explain why Snack Video deletes or private your videos. Let’s start.

Snack Video Earning Rules

These are some basic rules to earn money from Snack Video but don’t forget to read the details below. I’ve explained many things about snack app in this article. To use Snack Video you should follow these rules.

  • Your account should be verified with a Phone number.
  • You must follow the community guidelines.
  • Turn-On accounts protection and earns money.
  • Invite friends and get many rewards.
  • Sponsorship is allowed on this app, you can earn.
  • Watching videos can help you to make coins.
  • Inviting old friends to help you is also an option.

These are some rules and ways to make money on the Snack Video App. Follow these tricks to earn money more, and get details below.

Snack Video Earning Process

Here is the explained earning process for making money on this platform. Just read the process and tricks to start earning money. If you are looking for details of coins and earning money then skip to the content below.

Creator Rewards

This is the main feature that can help you to create videos and earn money on this APP. If you are a creator of this app, then use this feature to create videos. Your videos will get monetized and you’ll get rewards.

Creator Rewards is another feature by Snack Video that lets you monetize your videos and earn money from making videos. If your video gets monetized with creator reward then you’ll get cash on views of that video. You can simply join the creator reward after uploading 5 videos.

Invite Friends – Through Binding Code

Everyone on the snack app has a binding code and will be able to earn through this binding code. This is also called an invitation code and you can use this code to confirm an invitation. If you have made any successful invite then you’ll get about Rs.500 per invite.

Snack Video Invitation Code, Snack Video Earning Rules,

Ask your friends to install Snack Video from Google Play Store. Create the account on their mobile and ask them to insert/use your bind code in their profile. You can follow the pictorial guide above. You and your friends both will get money rewards.

Earn Coins – Coins to PKR

This is another best option for earning money on this app. You can make about crores of coins daily on this app. Just follow the steps to earn coins. After earning/making coins you can convert them to PKR the next morning.

  • Invite friends on Snack App to get coins.
  • Follow and like videos to make coins.
  • Daily check-ins can also give your coins.
  • Watch videos and earn coins.

You can check the table below to know about coins and PKR. How many coins you’ll get for watching the video and what is the coins exchange rate?


You need crores of coins to make thousands of PKR, don’t worry it’s not difficult. You can invite friends or complete tasks/challenges to make more coins.

Snack Family – Salary Sheet

If you are a good creator and want to join Snack Video for a salary. Then check the registration form and join any Snack Family to get a monthly salary. Check the salary sheet below, it is based on the number of followers on your other apps.

Number of FollowersFixed Salary
1K – 5K$30
1K – 5K$30
5K – 50K$50
50K – 100K$80
100K – 300K$100
300K – 500K$130
500K – 1M$150
1M – 2M$200
2M – 3M$300
3M – 5M$500

Apply to join any family or register yourself as a creator by filling the form. Only the original creator will be approved for this salary. So, this is the best chance to earn some extra money.


Guys, I have explained everything about Snack Video Earning Rules and Process to make money on Snack App. I’ve discussed every single rule of this app. If you need more information then comment below this post. Also, contact us in case of any problem. Share this article with your friends.

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