Snack Video Earning Tricks (10$ Daily) 2021

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Millions of users are earning money from the Snack Video app. You can also make some extra money from this app by using this method. Today in this article I am going to share some exciting Snack video earning tricks and earning rules. I will explain everything about this app and earn money from this apk.

There are many earning apps on the internet, but this one is different from all those. You can watch videos like YouTube and TikTok, also make money from this app. You will get money for watching videos and inviting your friends to this app.

There are many tips and tricks for this app to earn money. You can get all snack video tricks to make money online. In this article, I will answer some of your questions related to this app and earning money method. Many users from Pakistan and other countries are using this app to make money. They are earning a large amount of cash. The content creators and users both can make money from SnackVideo.

SnackVideo – Watch Shorts, LIVE, and Earn

Snack Video Earning Tricks 1 (1)

SnackVideo is another short video app. By using this app you can enjoy your favorite content creators’ shorts. Reach millions of users on this app and get the famous. Create your content and make a viral Snack Video. You can also get Fame and make money both from the single app. This app is offering millions of rupees to content creators on different platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Users who watch videos will also some rewards and prizes. SnackVideo distributes millions of cash prizes daily.

App details

App NameSnackVideo
File Size6MBs
Operating SystemAndroid
Current Versionv6.7

What is SnackVideo?

Snack videos the most famous platform for short videos. There are many content creators all over the world for this app. You can also become a content creator. You can enjoy short videos all day. You can also get some rewards for watching videos and inviting your friends. This article explains what is this app and how it works?

Why is SnackVideo Giving Money?

Later in 2014 musically was introduced as the first shot videos app. This app went viral and got Billions of users all over the world. Musically changed its name to TikTok, and earned huge fans. In the past two years, it was banned in some countries. India banned TikTok from being a Chinese app. After this, Pakistan banned the app for some days, the cause of vulgar content. Snack video starts promoting its product all over the world. It also got some users. To hire some content creators, this app spent huge money. Still, this app is spending money on users and content creators.

Snack App Official Code

If you are looking Snack Official Invite Code, just copy and paste the real code that is given below. You can use this code to start your earnings on Snack App.

Select and copy this code. Go to you Snack Video App. Click on Coin icon and paste this invite code in the box. You’ll get reward instantly.

Snack Video Earning Proof/Screenshots

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How to Earn Money from SnackVideo?

There are different ways to make money from the app. You can try all of them, to win prizes and make money online. There were many ways to make money from Snack, but no snack video has introduced some new interesting features. Now it is very easy to earn money from Snack Video. Now let me explain some tricks for snack video earning.

Snack Video Earning Method

There may be many users, who are sharing screenshots of huge earnings. But there is some official and best method to make money on snack videos. These are some interesting snack video earning tricks.

  • Watch videos and earn.
  • Create content and get rewards.
  • Invite your new friends.
  • Invite your old friends.
  • Earn 200$ weekly, cars, and iPhones.
  • Share moments and make money.
  • Collect daily check-in coins.

Watch Video and Earn

If you have much time to watch videos then you can use this option. Click on the coin icon, and then you can find the option where you can earn money by watching videos. If you are a new user you can earn about 1$ that is equal to 157PKR. So watch videos continuously and earn money.

Create content and get rewards

There is another interesting option for the content creators. You can see the content rewards option in your profile about your videos. Snack video randomly picks some of your original videos. And pay for these videos. This may depend on the quality and views of the videos.

Invite your new friends

Invite friends who have not used this before. If they are quite new you can earn up to 5$ per user. Just go to the earning page, copy your code. Ask your friends to install this app. Now ask your friend to paste this code in binding. You and your friend both will get rewards.

Invite your old friends

Now go to the earning page, you will see a new interesting feature for earning. Invite friends who already have joined Snack Family. Go to the earning page and click on the new invite button. This will give you a link to share with your friends. Ask your friends to click on the link, and give you a hand. When someone clicks on a given hand, you and the invited person both will get money.

Earn 200$ weekly, cars, and iPhones.

Now with the latest features, you can earn up to Rs. 30,000 Pakistani rupees. Also, there are some features that can help you to get a chance to win a car. Winning iPhone is very easy just invite all of your friends and family members. The high number of invites will help you to get any of these prizes.

Share moments and make money.

This is another old feature that can help you to make some free coins. You will get 1000 coins for sharing one moment with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. You can collect coins and exchange them for real cash later.

Collect daily check-in coins.

Every day open the app and check in for coins. Will be automatically converted to real cash the next day. This is the easiest and smart way to get some coins. If you want to make money too quickly then select any of the big methods like inviting friends.

Snack Video Earning Tricks FAQs

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about snack video earning. If you have your other questions you can make a comment.

Q. Does Snack Video Give Money?

Yes, snack video pair for creating content, inviting friends, watching videos, and for use in some other features.

Q. How many coins are in a Snack Video?

Snack Video Unlimited Coins can be earned. You can earn unlimited coins and cash in this app.

Q. How do I add an invitation code to the Snack video?

In the snack video app, you can find a floating coin icon. Click on it and then click on invite. Paste or copy code.


Guys I have explained every single thing about snack video earning tricks. If you are looking for tips and tricks, I hope you have found them. Follow these steps and work on snack videos to earn money. If you have any other questions or want more explanation then make a comment. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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