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Snack Video update is here – you can now earn more money from this App. Let’s talk about Snack Video APK new updates, and official tips for unlimited coins. Learn more about online earning and how watching videos can help you make money? Recently we have discussed some Earnings Tricks and how you can increase your coins in Snack App? Invitation Code List and Coins to PKR table are also available in this article.

Do you want to download the snack video apk and update it to the latest version? Here is the newer version of the snack app. You can easily updater and get the latest earnings features and other options. Updating snack apk can help you to boost your experience with the app and also increase your chances to earn more money. Also, Snack Video Online and hearing version is available here to download. You can get this app for PC to run it on Windows.

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As you know there are creators who got verified, you can get a verification badge on this app. Here we have explained how you can get Snack Video Verified Creator Badge? Just get your verified account and tick just as a popular creator. As Bonus, you can secret Snack Video Official Code from here. Read the details below and do anything you are looking for.

Snack Video APK – Party Online

Are bored of your JOB? Leave everything and join the snack video app to watch an interesting funny videos. It provides you with the best content from all over the world. Release your stress by watching cool and amazing videos. This is another rising short videos platform. One more interesting thing about this app is you can make money by creating videos. Snack App Monetization is available in Pakistan and some other countries. Now monetize your videos and get awarded. Watching videos and inviting friends can also help you to earn money. Answers to your questions are available below.

What is Snack Video?

Snack Video is a social video-sharing App that lets you enjoy short videos. You can go live or watch live creators, check nearby people, and find friends. It also pays to creators and users.

This is the best alternative app to TikTok and Likee. The interface and features of the app may be different but the purpose is the same. Create viral content, engage more fans, and earn money. This app got 100m+ installs on Google Play Store, which means this is an interesting app.

App Details

App NameSnack Video
File Size55Mb
Current Versionv3.6.5.474

Snack Video Owner?

Snack Video belongs to a Chinese App development company. It is presented on Google Play Store and other app stores by Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd. Some of us think that this app belongs to India – no this is not an Indian. This app is currently banned in India being a Chines App.

Does Snack App Give Money?

Snack Video pays creators and users for creating and watching content. You can get money from this app by creating or watching videos continuously.

This is a unique app that pays users to do activities like sharing videos and inviting friends. You can get paid for using the SnackVideo App. Create amazing content on this social app and get the salary.

Snack Video Monetization

Now you can turn on monetization in the snackvideo app. This feature gives you the option to monetize your videos on this app. Your video will be awarded by SnackVideo when any of your goes viral. You can now monetize short videos with the help of this app.

Earning money from short videos is very easy. Snack Video Official gives you permission to monetize and earn from videos. Once you upload your first 5 videos, this can be turned on. After this, you can earn by creating short videos.

How to Creator Rewards Option Work?

If you have joined the creator rewards program then you’ll be able to make money with your videos. Some conditions and rules apply to this program. You must follow these rules to earn by short videos.

  • Content should be owned by you.
  • Use your own music and other video elements.
  • Video quality should be high.
  • Create high-quality content.
  • You’ll be getting money if the video goes viral.
  • The amount depends on your views from the trending page.

By following these tips you can create your own content and earn money from Short Videos. Keep checking your videos daily. Also, keep uploading content daily otherwise you may demonetization.

Snack Videos Coins to PKR

This is the table on which you see the exchange rate of Coins to PKR. You can convert snack video coins to pkr by using this info.

50 Coins0.01 PKR
5,000 Coins1 PKR
50,000 Coins10 PKR
500,000 Coins100 PKR

There will be many coins in one video when you get an award in creators rewards. You can calculate coins to pkr using this table. But increase as your coins go up. So, wait until the next morning, you’ll get Pakistani rupees instead of coins.

Snack Video Earning Process

Earning process on this app is very simple and easy. This app gives money for using the app and creating content. If you make videos or use this app to watch videos you make money. There are also many features like invite friends and daily check-ins. Join Snack Video Earning WhatsApp Group for more details and help.

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Earning rules in Pakistan

There are not so many Snack Video Earning Rules in Pakistan. You must be a legal age user and a good content creator. If you are a YouTuber you can earn a good amount from Snack App in Pakistan. Just follow terms and conditions.

Snack Video Official Code

Here is the snack video official code to use in the invitation step. Just paste this official invite code and start your weekly earning.

  • The official invite code is – [147196084]
  • Copy the whole code to the clipboard.
  • Install Snack Video App.
  • Use this as a referral code.
  • Paste in your account.
  • Start earning on Snack App.

This code enables your account earnings and you can start your weekly earning. Otherwise, you’ll miss the new bonus. Read details about Earning Tricks for this app.

How to Withdraw Money from Snack Video?

Here is the detail on how you can withdraw money from Snack Video in Pakistan. Using this method you can get money directly in your account. Follow this process step by step.

  • Go to the earning.
  • Click on Withdraw under your balance.
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Choose the transaction method.
  • Select EasyPaisa for instant transfer.
  • Enter your account number and name.
  • Click on the withdraw button and confirm.

If you select EasyPaisa it takes few seconds, JazzCash takes 3-4 days to process transactions it uses third-party service from Publish Ex Solution. You can watch earning proof and pictorial guide below.

Snack Video, Snack Video Withdraw Snack Video, Snack Video Withdraw

Snack Video for PC

You can use Snack App for PC online from your Windows. If you looking for a Windows PC version of this app, you must use this trick. Here is the solution to use this app on a PC.

  • Install any APK emolutaor on PC.
  • For example: Install BlueStacts.
  • Download and Install APK there.
  • You can use this app as Android on PC.

If you are unable to Play Snack Video on PC then search for the Online version of this App. We always recommend you to use this on Android.

Download Snack Video APK

Get the official version from here. This is a very easy-to-get snack app. Just follow this 1 click process and get apk file. On the same page, you can see a download apk button.

Click on this apk button and wait for few seconds. It will take a little time to load the download. If it asks anything to allow then give permission. After successfully downloading, you can install this app using the method for APK installation.


Guys, I’ve explained everything about Snack Video App. If you have any problem then please don’t hesitate to comment. We have discussed what is this app and what is the earning process? Also, I’ve given you some general info about how to convert coins to pkr? I told you how you can use the snack app online on PC? The withdrawal method is also explained in this article. For further queries, make a comment on this post.

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