Snack Video Wikipedia, Snack Video Country, Snack Video Owner,

Snack Video Wikipedia, Owner, Country, and Networth

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Friends Snake Video is a viral app in Pakistan and Indonesia. You guys know that this is a short video app in which you can watch short videos. The special thing about this app is that it gives money to its creators and users. Here we will check the Snack Video Wikipedia. I will tell you who is the owner, and to which Snack App belongs. We will also see how much is the revenue of this app and the network of its owner. This is the second big app after TikTok which became very popular. This app is banned in India yet it has a lot of searches worldwide. It is very popular in Indonesia and Pakistan and the biggest reason for this is that it is also used to earn money.

Kuaishou, SnackVideo, and Kwai are some names of this app. In Pakistan and Indonesia, it is known as SnackVideo. It is also called Kwai in the Chinese language. This is a short video app created by a Chinese company, in which you can watch and create short-form content. Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd is the parent company of this app, which is founded by Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao in March 2011, 11 years ago.

Initially, it did not become so popular, as soon as the bad times of TikTok started, it made its place in this app in Pakistan and Indonesia. Initially, this app invested a lot of money in advertisement and on creators. But now you have started recovering your money through advertisement. The biggest reason for the popularity of this app is that they did a lot of advertising and spent money on the creators. In 2020, this company’s net worth was 9.1 billion dollars, after the popularity of the snack video app, it may have increased even more.

SnackVideo Wikipedia

Name SnackVideo, Kwai, Kuaishou
Founders Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao
Headquarters Beijing, China
Networth USD 9.1 billion (2021)
Type Public Company
CEO Su Hua

Snack Video Wikipedia, Snack Video Country, Snack Video Owner,Friends, as we know, this is a short-form video creating a platform on which you and your friends can make short videos. Millions of people watch videos on it every day. And people have earned lakhs of rupees from it. You get a lot of happiness inside this app, which you do not see in any other short video. In today’s time, it is a very popular and fast-growing short video app, which you can guess is its popularity in Pakistan and Indonesia.


Friends, if we talk about its history, then it was made in 2011. At that time it became famous only in China and it got some 100 million users in Korea. After that its users kept increasing daily and set a record of 200 million users in it. In 2017, this app was launched in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and some other major countries. Did not get much popularity from the beginning, due to which the top trending app was TikTok. As soon as Tiktok got banned in India, this app was also banned in India along it. In Pakistan, this app gained a lot of popular between 2020 and 2021. During this time it also went viral in Indonesia. And now it has become very much used in some countries.

In the initial days, it invested a lot and also colluded with big companies. From 2020 to 2021, it had a lot of competition with TikTok. And after that, it made its place in Pakistan and Indonesia.


As we told you, this app initially became famous only in its country China. In some cities of China, it started being used very much. Then a few years later, when it was launched in other countries, it acquired a lot of its popularity in Pakistan and Indonesia.


Initially many organizations came to this app, it was removed from the App Store in China. The reason for China’s removal from the app store was some videos. After that, this app had a competition with Tik Tok in Pakistan and some other big countries. This app has a ban on it along with other Chinese apps.

FAQs about SnackVideo?

Here are the answers to your questions. If you have any other questions in your mind then you can also ask them in the comments.

Is Snake Video an Indian app?

No, this is not an Indian app. As we told you, this is a Chinese app, which belongs to China and the company is also in the Beijing city of China.

Who is the owner of Snack Video?

Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao are the founders of SnackVideo’s parent company Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd.

Latest Update

  • Known bugs fixed in Version 1.0.4
  • Speed and experience boosted
  • Changes in interface
  • Version 1.0.4 has New features

This app was uploaded on since November 11, 2021. Latest update contains many new features and changes in the app version 1.0.4 which is released on June 5, 2023. Download and update the app to enjoy updated experience.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Snack Video Wikipedia, Owner, Country, and Networth’s latest version which you are going to download on your smartphone. If you are facing any problem in deciding or downloading this app then watch our video pinned in the app.


  1. Latest version 1.0.4’s size is reduced, now enjoy more features in less space.
  2. It’s available on different App stores like Google Play, App Store, APKPure, UptoDown, and other APK Sites.
  3. Consumes less data and battery of your device, runs smoothly on all supported devices.
  4. Number of ads are reduced, no annoying ads. You can also remove ads if you want to go pro.


  1. After its latest update on June 5, 2023 you’ll not be able to use it on low end devices.
  2. Old versions are still accessible but you’re not able to use latest version 1.0.4 features.
  3. Some old features are missing, but you can enjoy new to fill the gap.
  4. Few offline features are moved to online in V1.0.4, you’ll need data connection to use them.

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Friends, in this article, we talked about SnackVideo App. I told you where you are from and who made it? We talked about the owner of this app and talked about its history and popularity. And answered some questions which were about the App. If you liked this article then do share it with your friends. But if you have any questions in your mind then you can also ask in the comments.


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  4. Hi I am snack user. I want to know about this app why are you allowing people to upload others vedios with vlger voiceover. Set some check nd balance for those people who uploading such kind of vedios. Thanks

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