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Here we are going to count the list of top websites of SSH Websocket and SSH SlowDNS account providers. You can create your account on these websites for SSH or Slow DNS. If you are looking for free and premium servers for creating an SSH account then simply choose the server from here. I’ve also included the top websites for creating a SlowDNS account for Open Tunnel and other VPN. Create SSH Account and SlowDNS account on fast and high-speed premium servers for free.

In this article, we are taking Open Tunnel as an example VPN. I’ll explain to you how you can create a SlowDNS and SSH Account and use it with the Open Tunnel for free. Try the fastest server and get a steady and stable connection. Here I’ll also give you tips to get high speed on your VPN with these servers and accounts. Creating an SSH account is very simple but it is a little bit difficult to use with any VPN. You’ll just need the correct information to set up the SSH settings and account in your VPN.

Pro Tips
Do you want to get fast speed? Create an account on the server which is nearest to your country. For example, if you are from Pakistan then create an account in any Asian country like India, Singapore.

Here are lots of VPN services provider sites. You can create unlimited accounts daily on your phone without any premium membership or anything else. But we don’t know which one will work for us and how this will work. If you want to use a fast service then you must select any of these websites. Some of these websites are providing free SlowDNS accounts you can create and use just like SSH and WebSocket accounts.

SlowDNS Account Websites

These are some amazing free websites that are providing premium services. If you want to create your own free and premium SlowDNS account just create it here. Select the fastest server for you and just enter username and password, hit create, and get account details. Then copy the details and enter them in your VPN settings, test if this is working or not. Choose the server from this list and create your SlowDNS account.


OpenTunnel Net is the most used and premium site which helps you to create SSH and SlowDNS accounts. You can simply the site by entering the site name in your browser. If you are looking for any server just select the server and enter the details. You’ve had to enter a random username and password. These are some most used servers.


This is the most famous and most used website for creating SSH and other VPN clients’ account for free. If you are looking for free and premium SSH account servers then try this. You can find many active and online remaining accounts anytime you’ll visit the site.


You can also use this website to create multiple accounts for your users and family. If you are running a community or anything like this you can this website to create the maximum number of accounts. Simply visit the website and select the VPN service or any direct SSH server, enter username and password. Complete reCaptcha and create an account.


Top ranking website is here. I’ve added this to the 4th number because this is a well-known and fast website for a single user. If you want to use SSH for personal use then simply create an account with this site. You can create an account with the validity of 3, 5, 7, or 30 days. The process of creating an account is the same as other accounts.

I’ll add some more websites to this list very soon. If you are enjoying these websites already then you can try LionSSH, OpenVPN SSH, CyberSSH, and some others.


If you were looking for free and premium servers for creating an SSH account then I hope you have found it. I’ve explained about some famous websites, soon I’ll add some new servers sitees. If you have a question then simply ask us in the comment. Don’t forget to share this with the friend who is looking for it.

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