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Sticker Maker is very necessary for every chat, if you are using WhatsApp per Facebook your needs a sticker to enjoy a chat. There is a huge difference between custom stickers and defaults sticker. Default stickers are created by the modifier of the app or device. Custom stickers are made by you or me. You are also want to create some custom stickers done this article will help you to do this. In this article, I am going to share a custom sticker maker app that will help you to create stickers for your chat.

This is a very simple APK that will let you create custom stickers for your chat. If you like to send stickers and emojis while setting then this application will help you to create your chatting more beautiful and attractive. Through this app, you will design your own stickers and send them to your friends and family. This application will totally change the style of your chatting. You can make your own stickers as you want, you can add them to your chat to send any of your people. Now we are going to learn how this app work and how you can use this app to create beautiful stickers.

Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker

Sticker maker app that helps you create beautiful and attractive stickers for your chat and commenting. If you use social media then you will need this app to create your own stickers to explain what you want to say. Stickers help you to explain your words in a simple image. This application also works for that, you can create stickers with your own images and texts. After that, you can easily share these stickers with any third-party app like WhatsApp and Facebook.

App Name Sticker Maker
Current Version Latest
File Size 17MBs
Operating System Android
Genre Social

Key Features

This is a very different app, there are many advanced features in this app, which features are not founded in any other App. You can explore all the advanced features while using the app but it’s my duty to share some key features of the app here.

  • This app is specially made to create custom stickers. So you can create stickers with your images and texts. You can add your image and write text on it, after that you can save your image as a sticker.
  • This application is free to use, there is no paid feature in this app. If you want to remove ads then you can pay to remove ads. But all the features that are necessary to create a beautiful sticker are free in this app.
  • This app is very easy to use you can simply choose the picture that you want to convert into a sticker. After choosing the application you can simply design it and write the text on it. After Creating your sticker you can easily save it to your gallery, and chats.

How to download Sticker Maker?

This is very simple to download this app because you can simply download it from the link that I have given above. If you want to download it in your File Manager then you can follow the link that I have added just after the details of App.

Everyone wants to install it on your Android phone then you can visit Google Play Store to find the APK. Simplest art sticker maker on the Google Play Store and find the APK that I am talking about. After that, you can simply install it from there on your Android phone.

How to Use a Sticker Maker?

The use of this app is very simple you can easily create your own stickers using this app. Simply open the app and select the image that you want to convert in a sticker. After that, you can choose how would you like to present it? If you want to be a circle then select the circle, you can select also other shapes. After selecting the image you can design it as you want. You have designed any sticker then you can simply add to your chats.


Guys I have shared everything about the sticker maker. I have explained everything about this app. If you are going to install this app on your Android phone then kindly share your experience here. If you have any problem if you using this app then you can comment here. I will reply to you as your as I reach your comment.

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