Tasbih Counter PRO Apk (No Ads) Download Free

There are so many apps on Play Store to Count Tasbih but there all are showing ads. People don’t like dirty ads during their Tasbeeh. So, we’ve developed an app that is totally free and there are no Ads. This is Counter Tasbih PRO apk without Ads. You can download free from here.

tasbeeh counter pro apk

Tasbih Counter PRO App – No Ads

This app kets your count your Prayers and Dua. As we know that Ramadan 2020 is coming soon, and we are presenting this humble gift for our brothers. They can recite tasbih without being annoyed by Ads. If you were looking for PRO tasbih without Ads then it is best Apk to enjoy your Fasts. This apk doesn’t have so wide features but there are some features that I would like to tell you.

Key Features:

  • Good design with the greeny background.
  • Simple and easy to use the app for anyone.
  • Vibrates when small (33) or big (99) tasbih is completed.
  • Saves, you can continue where you left.
Cost:Free (No Ads)
Install Now: Download (5MB)

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How to Use the Tasbih Count Pro App?

Use of Tasbih Counter PRO apk is not much confusing, it is very simple to use for everyone. It is easy to use as original tasbih is easy to use. Follow these steps to make a successful first tasbih.

  1. Download and install the app from the given link.
  2. Launch (open) the app after a successful installation.
  3. There are two buttons on the screen.
  4. The big button is to count 1 by 1 and the Small button is to reset Tasbih.
  5. If you want to reset then just click on the small button and then click on Yes.


Guys, this was a humble gift for this Ramadan. Now you can enjoy your Dua and Tasbih without seeing the advertising. In this article, I’ve explained what is Counter Tasbeeh PRO apk and how to use this Counter. If you have any further questions or suggestions then kindly comment below.

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