Telenor free internet code 2020 [Updated]

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As you know, in my last posts I have shared Jazz, Ufone, and Zong official free internet tricks and after all of them now I am sharing some interesting Telenor free internet code 2019 – these free internet tricks can help you to enjoy a lot of free internet without paying nothing to anyone.  So, like other articles  – before we talk about free internet tricks first we must know something about that SIM company. 

Telenor is Pakistan’s second-largest telecommunication company. It is founded in 2004 by Telenor Group and got a license to provide GSM services in Pakistan. Its head-quarter is in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Telenor Free Internet Official Tricks.

Before we do any other activity to get free internet, we must check that what the company is providing to its users for free. Every company gives some free services. We should use their free services instead of breaking any rules. Here, first, of tricks, I am going to tell you about some official Telenor free internet codes that are working and some official tricks. 

Telenor Free Facebook. 

Yes, Telenor is providing free Facebook for years. I am using free Facebook on Telenor from the last 4 years. I think they provided it before others. 
Facebook is not even free on Telenor, it is free on every network. If you have Jazz, Ufone, or Zong then you can use free Facebook on them also. 
To use free facebook on any SIM just turn on your data and log in to your account, free mode will be activated automatically. 
Note: Facebook is free on every network but if you have balance in your account then it may be charged. 

Official Telenor free internet code 2019. 

You can use these free codes by Telenor to get free MBs. If any of these works for you then please comment below. So, any of the other our brothers can enjoy MBs from that code. 

Code 1- *345*818#
Code 2- *345*3333#
Code 3- *345*991#

Code 4- *345*7777#
Other codes:
Open your dialing pad and dial *345*477# and wait for a second. You’ll receive any message soon. 
Dial *311# to get oceanic free WhatsApp on Telenor. This is a social package and it may be varied any time. 

Use Telenor App.

Everyone wants his app should be grown on Google Play Store – and they want more users to their app. They provide thousands of services in their apps but some users want something free. 
When they provide something free by using their apps then a user like me instantly will install their app to gain that free service. 
As you know the Jazz World app gives their free MBs daily, like this My Telenor App also gives many gifts. On this eid, they are giving 10GB free gifts to their users. 
You must install every app from Pakistani Companies because there are so many chances to get something free.


Guys, these were some working free internet tricks by Telenor. No, any other trick is working. If any of user on Facebook and YouTube and say that I have free internet tricks then don’t be fooled because they are fake.
Every new working trick will be updated on this website, you can follow this website or just remember the name of the website. Thank You.

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