TelloTalk APK – Best Version [Earn 500 Daily]

TelloTalk another is an interesting application that let’s make money from it, as we discussed UrleBird APK. This article will explain TelloTalk APK. In this article, I will explain everything about TelloTalk APK. If you are looking for the apk file of this app then there I will tell you about that also.

tellotalk apk

After reading this article about Pakistani messenger you will be able to use it and earn money from it. Yes, that’s true, you can earn free top-up from this application. We are going to explain everything about it. Just keep reading this article till the end.

Guys as we know this is a Pakistani messenger and this also offers you to and some top-up from it. By using this app on your Android phone you can make some money from it. On the other side, you can chat with your friends and watch the latest stories and news and this app.

In simple words, this is just like WhatsApp Messenger, But it has some extra features like news and short clips, you can also post photos in groups. This is one of the best Pakistani APK that I have seen in my life. Today I am going to explain everything about this and I will also tell you how you can earn money from it and how you can use it.

TelloTalk APK

TelloTalk Pakistani messenger, that lets you chat with your friends and family. You can also join some communities and Groups. You can also join some channels to get news. You can invite your friends to earn some money. You can use this application in your language I mean Urdu. You can also make a call from this messenger.

You can also send stickers to your friends that is the way to chat with different styles. You can make your chats more awesome with this messenger. You can also post in stories of this app, Watch other’s stories to enjoy yourself. There is also a trending section of this has, that show you what is trending on this app. There is the explore feature in this app that lets you export the whole app.

TelloTalk is very different from other applications. This is totally free and clean to use. This is only made for Pakistani to chat with the clean interface. There is not any vulgar content on this App – this app is going viral day by day. This is also a very fast APK to chat and make calls.

Key Features

Some of the features I have discussed in the above paragraphs, but now I am going to explain some interesting features of this app. There are many other hidden features, find out the values in this app.

  • This is one of the best Pakistani messengers. That lets you make calls and chat with your friends and family. This is totally free of cost and no one is going to charge you. This is a very unique and new app.
  • Another interesting feature is that this is very simple to use this app. Even your children can do this app. The interface of this application and the features of this application are not much complicating. And the settings of this app are not confusing.
  • You can make stories and you can also watch other stories on this application. You can like comment and share others post or your. You can also post photos and videos on this app. There is an explore feature that lets you explore the app. You can join news channels and other Entertainment channels in this app.
  • One of the best features is that you can earn money by sharing this app with your friend and inviting them to this app. When any of your friends join the app, then you will get a reward. Rewards will be in the type of top-up. That will be transferred to your phone number, which you are using for chats.
  • There is a feature of a room, which lets you join the room. These rules are created by the app developer. So you cannot create the room. There are a memes room, foodie room, cricket room, and some other rooms. You can enjoy yourself by joining these rooms.
  • You can also post your photos and stories feature where people post every photo. You can like comments on other photos. That is just like Facebook. You can check your own stories and friends’ stories in this picture.
  • And another interesting feature is that there is a explore feature. That lets you know everything around you. You can watch short movies, videos, and news. There are also some fun facts that can be enjoyable.
  • The chat feature is one of the screen features of this app. You can send or receive messages from your friends on this app. You can make a video call audio call by using the chat feature. You can also send the stickers and emojis. There is also a voice message option in this app. And all the other chat features are available in this app like location, contact, media, and GIFs.

How to Install TelloTalk APK?

To install TelloTalk APK, you will need the apk file of this app. That is not a big deal you can get it from this website. I have added the download button above. You can just click on that download button and follow the link to install the APK.

Once you will click on the download button it will redirect you to another page. On that page, APK will be automatically installed on your Android phone. The installation process of this app is very simple. I have told you just click on that download button and go to install APK.

Earn Money from TelloTalk APK?

Earning money from TelloTalk APK is very simple and easy. After installing it’s successful you need to follow a simple method to create an invite link. For that, just open the APK and go to my rewards. You will say in the white button there. Just click on the invite and share it with on WhatsApp or by SMS.

When you will send a link to your friend, he will need to install that we can join. When your friend will create an account on TelloTalk APK it using your link. Then you will get the reward. Your reward will be shown in your rewards section. If that is pending, then it will be posted on your phone in 2-3 days.


Guys in this article we have discussed the TelloTalk APK. I hope now you are well known today sir. I have told you how you can make money from it and how you can use it? I have so also explained all the features of this app. If you are facing any problem issue then you can comment here. If you have any other questions then feel free to ask me and the comment box. I hope that you are going to share it with your friends.

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