How to Install TextNow App on Android? (Banned Country)

Today we’re going to learn how to install TextNow App on Android. If Textnow is blocked in your country then you can follow this procedure to install any app in a blocked country. But please make sure that you’re going to do any illegal activity at your own risk. So, be aware that this article is only for educational purposes.

Textnow isn’t available in your country?

You can follow this procedure to install the Textnow app in any country. I’ve tested this trick in Pakistan, and this app I mean “text now” was successfully installed. Suppose, if you’re living in any country where TextNow is banned due to large spam then you can install this app easily. 

Why Textnow is Banned in your Country?

If Textnow or any other app is banned for the country on Play Store, it’s mean that developer doesn’t want its app to be used for a specific country. It is due to many reasons, including spamming or app is irrelevant for your country. Textnow is blocked for many countries due to the spam use of Phone Numbers.

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How to Install the Textnow App on Android?

To install the Textnow app you’ll have to install ApkPure App first on your android device. Because, if any app is blocked on Play Store then you can install this app from ApkPure. But why I’m recommending ApkPure?

Why ApkPure?

You can download Textnow apk from anywhere but you’ll face many issues while Installation including “App not installed” or “Parsing Error” and many other problems.

If you’ll download Textnow apk from then it’ll be with XAPK extension and this creates a problem. You’ll not be able to install XAPK with your default Apk Installer.  ApkPure will install XAPK with its built-in XAPK and APK installer.

Steps to Install Textnow:

Now just follow these simple steps to install any blocked apk in your country.

  1. Download and install ApkPure from the given link.
  2. Open ApkPure App.
  3. Search Textnow or any app which you want to install.textnow apk, textnow app, how to install textnow app
  4. Click install and wait till successful downloading.
  5. After downloading click Click Install.textnow apk, textnow app, how to install textnow app
  6. Done, just wait for a while, Apk/XAPK will be installed.


Guys, this was a humble article to install the app in a banned country. If you are having any issue then kindly comment. Follow this blog and channel for more interesting tips and tricks. I’m working on many tips and tricks series.

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