Top 4 Android Free TV Applications (For All Networks)

Everyone is looking for free tv apps because these days packages are so costly, If you are also finding the best free tv for android then you have found. I mean to say to that today I am going to share the top 3 apps with you. On these apps, you can watch free tv, watch dramas, movies, songs, Islamic channels, sports news, and many other news channels. So, let me discuss these apps. 

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Here I’ll tell you a simple and smart description of those 3 apps, if you want to read complete information then just click “more details” and read a complete review about that app.
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1. Fun TV
2. Niazi TV
3. Live Net TV
4. Nika TV

1. Fun TV app – the free tv app.

This is good designed and professional – if you want everything in your pocket then this is a good app for this purpose because this app has everything that you need in the free app. You’ll not be asked to update the because this app supports auto-update.
This app is created by AppCreator24 and modified by FUN GROUP, all the channels, and links used in the app are by Jazz TV. They have subscribed the Jazz TV bundle and they are just sharing the bundle through Fun TV app. 

In this app, you can watch some free tv channels, movies, songs, naats, Islamic videos, dramas, sports videos, sports channels, sports news, news highlights, and some famous news channels. 

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2. Niazi TV – Another name of free TV.

One of my favorite apps, I like this app very much. This app is by Wasim Khan Niazi. So, it named Niazi TV. This is a professional and famous free tv app for android. 
I think this is in everyone’s pocket, I mean to say that this is in everyone’s mobile. This app has lots of free things on it. In this app, you watch tv channels, movies, songs, naats, Islamic videos, dramas, sports videos, sports channels, sports news, news highlights, and some famous news channels. There are also some online games in this app. 
If you download this app then I am sure that you will like this app because this app has a good design, lots of channels, and dramas. In this app, you can also add your videos to sharing your knowledge with others.
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3. Live Net TV – Free PSL Live

Now we are going to watch PSL 5 live on Live Net TV. If you’re also fond of cricket then you are really going to love this app. Live Net TV will let you watch PSL 2020 LIVE. You can enjoy all cricket matches live for free without paying any money.

There is no limit that you’ll only watch cricket – there is 155+ channels, including New Channels, Comedy Channels, Entertainment Channels, Movies, and Songs channels. You can enjoy all these channels free on your android. Just tap on download, then install and start watching Live Net TV.

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4. Nika TV – Jazz Free TV

One of the famous app in Pakistan. They have lots of followers who love this app. This app is also developed on AppCreator24 but modified by Student Tricks. I think they have changed their app name into Sultan TV.
In their new version of this app, they have added some more free tv channels. They have updated the list of movies. Now you can watch new movies on Jazz free of cost. 
They are updating and keep working their app daily. So, this is a good app. Their followers love their app. If you are going to download this app then good luck because you are going to download a wonderful app. 
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Guys, these were some free tv apps for you. We have discussed a brief introduction to these apps. If you liked the article then share it with your friends. I hope you will enjoy the app. If you want more information about any other app then comment below.

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