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Hey, If you are tired of listening to people and want some peace in your life. Then you’ll need a Transcriber to convert voice messages to text on WhatsApp. All of us know that WhatsApp is a famous communication app. They always want their users in peace and they never share something about their users. So, no one can irritate you on WhatsApp without your permission. But sometimes, we need everything in peace. Here is the solution for this.

Here is the transcriber for Android to convert voices into text. Using this app, you can convert your voice message into a text message on WhatsApp. You’ll not need to listen to the WhatsApp voice message if you are in the crowd.

Transcriber APK

Transcriber APK

Transcriber for WhatsApp is the app by which you can convert your voice messages to text by just sharing the message with the app. If you don’t know how to use the app then see the instructions below to learn the proper use of Transcriber. This app helps you to create the textual message of any voice on your WhatsApp. If you are unaware of the voice message and you don’t want to listen to this, then just transcribe it.

App Details

App Name Transcriber
File Size 10MB
Current Version Latest
Genre WhatsApp Tools
Required Android 4.0+
Developer WA tools Co.
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What is Transcribe App?

This is an online tool that lets you convert WhatsApp voice messages into text messages. You can easily click on the voice you won’t bear to listen to and get it in textual form. This app is safe and secure you can get all features free of cost.

How does it work?

Go on Google Play Store and search Transcriber. Click on the Install button and after this open the app. After opening the app you’ll see their instructions to convert voice to text. But I think that these are not helpful. Go to Setting and select the language in which you want to read your messages.

After choosing the language just left the app. Now it is WhatsApp’s turn. Now just wait for any voice message. If you received any voice then just long click on the message, select and share to Transcriber for WhatsApp. It is done. A popup will show the text of your message. You can read the voice message as a text there.

How to Download and Install?

By clicking on the download apk button below you can install the app from Google Play Store. If you are looking for an APK file then kindly click on the alternative button on the same page. Your browser will ask your permission to download the apk file. After downloading it you can follow these steps to install the app on Android.

  • Browse the APK file.
  • Click on the App icon.
  • Launch APK installer.
  • Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Allow permissions.
  • Click the install button.

Done, you have successfully installed the app on your phone. Now you can open and use this app to convert your voice messages into text messages. Post a comment here, in case of any issue.


Never share anything personal with the app because we don’t that they are listening or not. But we have to secure ourselves. If you think that it is not personal then you can use the app without any fear. But keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Guys, this was a humble article in which I have shared an application and the method to use the app. If you find it really helpful then kindly comment and tell me.

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