Tricks to Do In Trouble (Life, Mobile, Computer, Online)

Mind wins always. If you know to get work from the mind in trouble then you are a successful man of this world. I have seen many people that are not able to take action in their time of trouble. But some can win it by their mind tricks. Today on this blog, I am going to share some tricks to do in trouble. Trouble can in my life, trouble can be in my mobile, or trouble can be in my online works. 

As this a technical blog – So, I am going to share some technical tricks that I have did in my bad time. The purpose of sharing them is to share my knowledge, and I think that these tricks can help someone. 

Tricks in Life:

As I am not fully matured and a complete man. My age is about 19 years. So, I never experienced any critical trouble in my life. But I would like to share some things that happened in my life. 

People Died:

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Many of my relatives and other people died before my eyes but I never came to cry. Because I think crying is not helpful for those who are died. I just want everyone to be quiet, so they pray for the dead person. But in my society crying is custom. And who doesn’t cry is considered a bad person. 
On this, I just make my face so ugly. This is because I must look angry with people. I make them feel that I am having trouble and I am very sick. So, they can understand that crying is not better for me. 

When I see Dog:

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I think that some people like me also having this issue that when they see a dog the seem scared. But at that time, I do something to make dog food. 
I just get my phone out and start using it. So, the dog can understand that I am busy. I have no time to play with him. My mother told that If you’ll before dog then the dog will also run. This is because the dog thinks that I am doing something with him. 

So, the dog should never feel that you are afraid of him. Make him feel that you are not interested in him. Make him feel that you are ignoring him.


When the teacher punish: 

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When your teacher is going to punish you and you feel that you are not born for this. 

Many times it happened to me that I was punished by my mistakes of else. But after one or two times I got and idea – that how to avoid punishment easily?

In my school time, the teacher punishes line by line. First of all, line number 1 will get the rewards after this line number 2 will be punished. 

I just made little change in my line to avoid punishment. I can’t describe the full trick but I’ll try to tell. 

The trick is – the teacher will call the students of first-line then after giving them punishment the first line will sit on their seats.

When the students of first-line are going to sit on their seats. I’ll go with them and sit on seats without being punished.

Now the teacher is confused. He thinks I’m punished but I’m not. If he asks me, I’ll make my face ugly again. I will make him realize that I have been punished and the punishment has caused a lot of trouble.


I’m writing another part of the article. I will update this page as soon as it is complete. So, save this webpage or bookmark it. If anything on this page made any little smile on your face then kindly be honest to comment.

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