Unblock Suspended Pinterest account and Blocked Website

When my account started growing on Pinterest, then Pinterest gave me a bad punch. I just opened my Pinterest app to check my analytics but there was trouble. But try for some time I found that Pinterest has blocked my Domain and Suspended my account. This was really a piece of bad news for me. 

But so, it was done by God, I checked many forums, blogs, even YouTubed it but nothing was there. Everyone was saying to appeal. I appealed to Pinterest with a bundle of requests but clearly refused me as did so bad with them. They said in there mail, that we’re not going to reactivate your Pinterest account. Also, they will never let me post my domain URL on Pinterest. 
Now I going to tell you two tips in this tutorial. One is that people told me, and another one is that I found. There are chances to Reactivate your Pinterest account by Peoples’ tips. My tip is – how to post blocked domain/website on Pinterest.
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How to Reactivate Pinterest Account?

Reactivating account means that you are appealing to Pinterest to reactivate your Pinterest Account. This is not any long process you can do it just by some simple steps. 

Just click on this link and describe what happened to you. If you didn’t do any repetitive spam or any big scam then Pinterest will reactivate your account in 7 days. In some cases, Pinterest will say you that ”we’re not going to reactivate your Pinterest account” or something related to this, to just ignore you.

How Post URL of Blocked Domain?

If you got the same reply by Pinterest as I got – I mean they have suspended your account permanently. And there is no chance to reactivate it then how you can post your blocked domain your new Pinterest account. 
My Pinterest account is permanently suspended and my domain still blocked Pinterest. You can check this domain by pasting Pinterest. But I am still posting my posts URLs on Pinterest with a trick.
The trick is, that you should search for a URL shortener who’ll redirect to your by another domain in seconds. It is just like making a New Blogspot and pasting your main URL on the fake post of Blogspot’s Post. 

I am using HyperLink for this purpose, you can find your own but this is working for me. You can use one shortened link for one time on Pinterest. I recommend you to use the Desktop version of Pinterest. 

Try this:

Now, after everything is failed – I am using AnyImage.Io as a URL shortener. If you are also failed to get your account back and Domain unlocked then try this as a URL shortener. You can post blocked links on Pinterest after shortening by AnyImage.Io – So this is working for me. 


Guys, this was a humble guide for those, whose Pinterest account is suspended and Domain is blocked on Pinterest. I’m going to post a list of URL Shortener is next coming days. If you need this information as Video then you can find it here.

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