How to Unblock URL sharing from Facebook? (2 methods)

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This is a very irritating issue for new bloggers. If you’re also a new blogger and got blocked by Facebook. This happens when you share the same links on the same timeline. If your URL is blocked due to spamming then here are two working solutions for you.

One of them is informing facebook about your URL sharing was locked by mistake and the other one is shortening the URL. I’m truly sure that one of them will work for you and you’ll be thankful.

Unblock URL from Facebook.

I’m giving this heading because we can unblock URL by facebook’s own feature that is messaging them. You can easily send a message to Facebook to unblock your domain. If you’re trying the first time then it may work. If your link/domain is blocked second then it may not be unblocked. 
Now we’re going to send a message to Facebook, that they should unblock our URL sharing. If they made any mistake then they’ll immediately unblock your URL, if you made mistake (spamming) then it is not easy. But we’ve to unblock. 
Just copy your website URL and go to Facebook (anywhere). Share your URL there, and you’ll see a message by Facebook, you’re blocked, or it is spam URL, etc. (or you can Debug your URL)
At the end of the error, you’ll see “If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.”
Just click “let us know“, right after this you’ll be able to see a message box. Just copy the message from below and paste there (you can write your own). 
Message Sample:
Hi, Facebook Team. 
I hope that you’ll help me in getting rid of blocked sharing. My brand new domain is blocked by Facebook. I’m unable to share my URLs to Facebook. It is really hurting. I think your bots blocked my URL mistakenly. Please, unblock my URL sharing on Facebook. I’ll be happy to share my ideas on Facebook. 
Thank You!
After somedays, your link will be unblocked automatically. Never do spam after messaging them. If this method did not work for you then try my new tested trick. 

Shortening URL to Share on Facebook.

I was not able to get this error vanished. This error came back after some days of getting unblocked from Facebook. Now I’ve tested many URL shorteners but this one worked for me. Just follow these steps to share your blocked URL to Facebook. 
Go and download an application named “URL Shortener” from Play Store. There are millions of URL shorteners but you should download an app that is having a URL shortener. You can visit the official site on your desktop.
On your downloaded application or V.GD’s website shrink your URL and share it on Facebook. After sharing this you can visit your website, and your users will also be able to go on your blog using the Facebook browser. 
After clicking on the share URL you’ll be redirected to a page where your URL is saved, and your user can click your link to visit your site. It was the last option that I’ve shared with you.


In the first method, I’ve told you that you can unblock your blocked domain sharing on Facebook by simply messaging them. It often doesn’t work when your domain was blocked by huge spam. 
But the last method is great because you can shrink your URL and share it on facebook too easily. I shared this URL shrinker because facebook will not show a warning to your user that this is a spam link. 
I hope that your issue is solved, if not, then you can comment and ask for more details. But I’m sure that one of them is working because I’m also a victim of this issue. 

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