How to Unsubscribe Jazz Offer?

If you are subscribed to any offer mistakenly. And you want to unsubscribe the Jazz package, then this article will help you to find the subscribed offers and packages. You’ll also be able to unsubscribe that offers and packages.

Unsub jazz offer

How to check Subscribed Offers?

If you think that your Jazz balance is being used for no reason, then its time to check. By these tricks, you can check all subscribed offers on your Jazz SIM. After finding the names of offers and packages you easily unsubscribe them. Let’s see.

By App:-

You know that Jazz has released “Jazz World” mobile application to check everything about Jazz. You can check subscribed offers and packages and you can also subscribe offers. Now if you want to check the history of Balance Usage then follow these steps.

  • Open Jazz World App.
  • On Home-Page you’ll see the History Option.
  • Just click on it and receive a PIN.
  • After PIN confirmation, you can
  • Check Balance Usage of your SIM account.

Note the names of useless offers and find Usub Codes.

By Codes:-

If you don’t have smart then you can also get the list of subscribed offers and packages of your Jazz SIM. Sometimes, due to the unavailability of service, some offers will not be listed. But important offers will be displayed in SMS.

  • Send LIST to 6611 – and get a list of offers you are subscribed to.
  • Send Empty SMS to 7050 – and get Raseed SMS (Balance Usage).

After finding the offer name, you can check this article to unsubscribe. You can also ask me by commenting here.

How to Unsub Bajao Daily Offer on Jazz?

Bajao Daily is a music App, this application lets you watch and listen to online music. You’ll be auto subscribed to this offer sometimes but you can easily unsubscribe Bajao Daily Offer on Jazz.

  • Open your mobile’s Dial-pad and,
  • Send UNSUB to 7778 to Unsub Bajao Daily Offer.
  • You’ll shortly receive confirmation SMS.
  • Done your Bajao Daily Offer is Unsubscribed.

How to Unsub Jazz Gameloft?

You’ll often be subscribed to this offer when you visit any gaming website and clicks and any subscription link. But don’t worry here I’ll tell you how to unsubscribe the Jazz Gameloft sub. Follow these steps.

  • Send STOP to 6767 or
  • Click and go here to Unsubscribe Gameloft.
  • You’ll receive SMS soon after a successful operation.

How to Unsub Jazz Autoreply Offer?

If you think that Jazz autoreply is consuming your balance and it is useless to offer then follow these steps to unsubscribe the offer.

  • Open the dial pad of your mobile and
  • Dial *7071# and just run this USSD.
  • Your offer will be unsubscribed in seconds.

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Tune?

Subscription of Jazz Tune is very easy but when you are going to unsub it requires sweat. But don’t be furious, here are some steps to unsubscribe Jazz Tune.

  • To Unsubscribe Dial 230 or
  • Send UNSUB to 230 and
  • Wait until the Jazz tune is Unsubscribed.

Jazz Drive

Just click the button and follow the method to unsubscribe JazzDrive Offer. Follow this link and create an account, you can also log in. After creating an account go to subscriptions and unsub Jazz Drive Offer.

You can also watch videos on Channel if you don’t understand. If you have any other offer then comment here.

Last Words:

We are always working on this post to provide an unsub code of any offer. Please comment here if you want to get the unsubscribe Jazz Package, and get code. If anywhere this offer helped you then, please share this post help your friends. Keep loving, Keep learning…

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  1. Muhammad Tariq Mehmood

    I have warid sim with code 0323. kindly help me to unsub the prayer time message. I received this message five times a day from 1190.

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