Urlebird APK – Latest Version 2.1 Free [TikTok Videos]

Hi, guys today we are back with another interesting APK that you are going to love it. As you know that TikTok in India is recently banned and there is no way to watch Tiktok anymore in India. If you are looking for a solution to watch Tik Tok videos on your Android phone and then this application will help you to do so. Yes, today we are going to talk about Urlebird APK. Urlebird App will help you to find every TikTok video on this. You can watch unlimited videos of Tiktok and other videos platform in this app.

UrleBird APK

We are just writing a review on this application we do not promote any illegal activity. I hope that you understand and will enjoy this app. If you are looking for this application then you have just found just install and enjoy your day. There are many interesting features in this application that you are going to experience in this app. Some of them are discussed below, but there are many other hidden features in this app you can find out by using them. This is not illegal are any bad activities to watch Tik Tok videos from any other App you can just use this app without any fear.

Urlebird APK

Urlebird App is here to help you download Tik Tok videos on your Android phone. If you are looking for an application to watch and download Tik Tok videos without opening Tik Tok then this is one of the best applications around the world. This APK is going viral day by day, and users are enjoying Tik Tok videos on your phone without opening the Tik Tok app. As you know that Tiktok is banned in India no one can you TikTok no one can use it anymore, but here is another solution for watching Tik Tok videos and saving them as offline videos.

Urlebird APK is one of the best alternatives to Tik Tok videos if you love to watch Tik Tok videos then this is one of them. You will enjoy this app all day for free. We know that Tiktok was banned due to some political disturbance in both countries, but we don’t worry that if you love your own country then you will not choose other countries’ applications on your Android phone it can harm you. You can simply download your own application for watching videos and enjoying yourself all day.

Key Features

The key features of this application are very simple, which I am going to discuss in this paragraph. If you are going to download this application then you will explore more features in this app. I will like to tell you some basic and big features of this application so you’ll download it after reading them. So read the basic point of key features of this Urlebird app.

  • Urlebird App is one of the best apps for watching videos of Tik Tok and all other short videos platform like likee and Bigo live. You can watch and enjoy all the short clips on this app.
  • Urlebird APK size is very small you can simply download it in one second, it will not cause space problems so you can use it without any problem.
  • One of the best features is that you can save your videos offline to what letter I mean to say that you can save and download videos to watch later. This is a very needed feature, even Tiktok does not have it.
  • Urlebird APK is very easy to use and very clean app, even your kids can use this app. Because there is no and legal content on this app. And this is a very clean, and very simple layout. You can read more reviews about this application on the internet.

How to Download Urlebird APK?

If you have decided to download this application then you can download it simply from this website. Just follow the simple step to download this application. Simply go to the above download link and download it from there. There is not any confusion or any complicated way to download this app. Just follow the simple method.

When you will click the download button it will open Mediafire the website, I have uploaded the apk file there you can simply download it from there. Just click on the download button on the MediaFire website and download it turn your file manager.

How to Install APP?

They are installing the method of this application is the same as others. If you have downloaded the APK file then you need to install it manually. It will not be installed just like Play Store, you will have to install it. Just find the application in you are File Manager where you have downloaded it.

When you have found the app APK in your phone files then just click on it and follow the same thing as you do on the other App. You will be asked about something permissions just give them. If you are using the older what is enough Android then you will be asked about to allow unknown sources, just allow them and click on install to install the Urlebird APK.

How to Use Urlebird App?

This application is even easy to use than Tiktok. If you are going to do this then this would be very enjoyable. You can simply watch any video on your phone. You can also save that video to watch online in your mobile storage. But watching videos online is much better than saving them.

After installing this application simply launch the app and search for what you want to watch. On the home page, will show some famous videos you can watch them if you want otherwise you can follow a search something special that you always want to watch.

Just perform a search are scroll to watch your favorite videos. You Can Follow any user to watch the videos and you can also search for videos. If you don’t find any video then you can also upload your own videos and this application help you. In simple what this application is just showing all the videos from Tik Tok you can watch and save them on your phone, nothing else.

Firebird for iPhone/Windows

If you are looking for the iPhone iOS very enough this APK then let me explain. There is no iOS version of this APK because the developer has not developed this application for iPhone. You can use any alternative application of this apk on your iPhone app. To get this just search on the iOS platform and install it from there.

But if you are looking for the Windows app then this is possible to use this application on Windows. You can do it by just installing any APK player on your PC. There are many Android app players on PC you can search on the internet, YouTube.


Guys this was the Urlebird APK, and I have discussed everything about that. If you understood then you are going to install this. If you need more information about this application then comment down. I hope that you like that article and application if you do so then share it with one of your friend. If you have any problem using this app or anything else then you can also comment here I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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