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Volume up and volume down is the main advantage that we get from volume buttons. Every person uses these buttons for volume management, but we can get more tasks from these buttons. We can use these buttons for factory reset, solving some problems, and most for security. Yes, you can use these buttons for security. Let’s share with me some amazing volume key tricks.

1. Factory Reset and SIM card Removed Issue.

Sometimes we face many issues with our smartphone. There had been a problem with my handset. I was unable to reset my phone. I was curious about this. Then I searched and found a method this made me happy. My phone was hanged and I was unable to go into settings in order to find factory reset. Then I did this and got surprised.
For this purpose, you need to switch off your phone. ( Please make sure have saved your data on another device ).

Press Volume Up + Home key + Power Button at the same time. After this, you will be in another mode. Here you will see the wipe factory reset options and other some options. You can use volume up and volume down to scroll. You can use the POWER button for the OK command.

If you are facing the sim card removed problem then scroll on wipe cache memory and do it, and reboot your phone. This was a little hint for you.

I hope that you have understood. If you need any tutorial on factory reset or use of this then go on YouTube and search your issue.

Our next purpose is to get security from VOLUME buttons.

2. As a Security Guard.

Yes, you can use these buttons as a security guard. In order to use it, first of all, download Oops! Lock application from the play store. After it is successfully installed on your smartphone, you need to launch it. There you will see some guidelines from the developer of apps. You should skip rapidly. Here can you set a password?

Select any number fro them. If you have selected 2 then click the volume up button two times, repeat it to confirm password.

After this, you will be automatically sent in a notepad. Don’t worry this is not notepad.

Enter your password ( by volume button ) and see the magic. Here is a list of your apps, turn on app lock on by toggle button the corner. You can see the toggle button on every installed app. You can set a lock on them.

As someone will open your locked app, he will be sent in dark. If you can use volume buttons to unlock your app.

3. Other tricks.

As we have used these buttons for the main two purposes. This is not enough, you can use them in many apps for scrolling. In the UC browser, you can these buttons for scrolling.

To find this option go in settings and jump into customizing. Here you can see the page and page down option, click and set the volume key for page up and page down.

In many cameras, we can use it to take pictures and to start video recording. You can also zoom in or zoom out by volume buttons.

Just go in-camera settings and find the volume key functions. Choose as you wish. Go and rock.

Final Words.

This was an article about some common functions of the volume button. If you liked this then hit like. If you have any suggestions regarding this article then please comment. You will be appreciated.

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