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Let’s talk about Whatsapp Group Link App that is totally Free Apk. You can join unlimited active and new Whatsapp groups daily.

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There’re many websites and apps around the world about Groups but now you’re going to get an official and professional WhatsApp Group Link App. But before we talk about that, we must know about that What is WhatsApp Group?

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What are Groups in WhatsApp?

We all know that Whatsapp has become an international instant messaging app. There’re billions of users around the globe. Whatsapp lets you chat privately and publically. Publically chat means you can share your text, images, videos, and docs in a group. Whatsapp lets you manage a group of members at once. You can send a message to the whole group at once.

How to Create a Whatsapp Group?

Creating a Whatsapp group is very easy – now if you want to create a Whatsapp group then follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to Chats.
  2. Click on the three-dots menu or alternative New Chat.
  3. Click on Create New Group.
  4. Select your contacts to add to your group.
  5. Now enter your group’s name (characters limit is 25), set the group’s picture (optional), and go on by clicking the Green button of OK.

You can change your group’s name, picture, description, settings, and many other things, later. This is done, now if you want to invite or add members to your group then you can find these options in group info – group member limit is 257. You can add or remove any person if you’re an admin.

How to Join any WhatsApp Group?

To join any group, you must be invited by the group’s admin. If you’ve been invited by the group’s admin then you can simply click on the invitational link of a group, and just tap on Join Group. You’ll not be able to join any group when the group’s invitational link is revoked or group if full – I mean 257 members exist.

Whatsapp Group Link Apk

So, now we’re coming to point – I mean now I’m going to talk about Whatsapp Group Link App. There’re many Group Link App for Whatsapp by unofficial developers. Unofficial developers mean these apps are not developed by WhatsApp Inc. These developers will earn revenue through their own apps by showing ads.

You can join an unlimited group link by using these apps. Here I’ll share an amazing Whatsapp group link app to download. Now join active WhatsApp Groups by these apps safely. There’s no spam or hacking material in these apps.

WhatsLinks Group Link Apk

WhatsLinks is an amazing app that lets you enjoy unlimited free WhatsApp Groups. Users add approximately 10000 Whatsapp group link daily. You can also add your group to WhatsLink and get unique members to your group. This free app is officially designed for only Whatsapp Groups. Download now, join, or add your group in this Community.


  • Unlimited Groups for Whatsapp, now join daily free groups by using this App.
  • Add your group in the app for free and get active members.
  • The design of the app is similar to the Official Whatsapp Apk. This looks very clean and simple.
  • This apk is very easy to use – you can simply tap on the group or join the button to join the group.
  • You can also add your group by just simple steps. Enter your group’s name, invite link, and select category to add the group in WhatsLink.
  • Categorized list of groups makes easy to use – select your favorite category to join groups relevant to your choice.
  • The clean, and simple app attracts users – and this app will attract you much. Just download and start enjoying active groups.


Installs: 10K+
Ratings: 4.6/5.0
Required Version: 4.1
Cost: Free
Apk Size: 3MB


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How to Download Whatsapp Group Link Apk?

The downloading method of this isn’t much confusing. Just click on the download button and start downloading WhatsLink Apk. This apk is uploaded on MediaFire. That link will redirect you to MediaFire where you’ll be able to download the apk file.

You can also download the PRO APK of this app for free from the same website. In the premium version of this app, you’ll not see any third-party ad. So, to enjoy the better experience for free check that version too.

How to Install WhatsLink Apk in Android?

I think there’ll be a problem while installing the app on your android. So, this is my duty to inform you of how to install this app.

  1. Download the apk file from the given link.
  2. Go to download files in your device storage.
  3. Click on the Apk file, this will show that installation is blocked.
  4. Click on, and go in settings, Check unknown sources.
  5. Then it’ll ask you about install, just tap on install.
  6. Done, the app will be installed in a few seconds.
  7. Note: if Play Store shows “Blocked by Play Protect” then kindly click “Install Anyways” – this is because the app is not hosted by Play Store. (App is safe to Use)

How to Use WhatsLinks Apk?

As I’ve told you that the use of WhatsLinks is very easy. Just install the app successfully and launch the app. After launching simply go in your favorite category, and click on the group or “JOIN” to be a member of the group. There’s no need to copy any link or open any other app to join the group. Just join unlimited active Whatsapp groups by clicking on them.

How to Add Group in WhatsApp Group Link App?

Now add your group to WhatsLinks and start getting members to your group. If you’ll add the group in the app then every user will see and join the group. So, you can get more members in your group by publishing your group in WhatsLink App. Follow these simple steps to add the group.

  1. Launch the app and navigate to the Add Group section of the app.
  2. Enter your group’s name and select category.
  3. Now copy the invite link of group and paste into WhatsLinks App.
  4. Click on Add button, you’ll see “Group added successfully” done.
  5. Finally, Group is added, you can see it in the category that you’ve selected while adding.

Categories in WhatsLinks App Link Apk.

Now we’re going to discuss some major categories of the app. These are the main categories, you can join or add a group in them.

Entertainment WhatsApp Group Link

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There are a large number of group links in the app. This is the main and first category of the group. Most of the people search for entertainment groups. Now, this application makes easier to join entertaining groups. You can see this category at the top of the app. Users add the number of entertainment groups daily in this app. You can enjoy music videos, funny clips, roasting videos, and much other entertaining content in those groups.

  1. Funny Videos Groups.
  2. TikTok Videos Groups.
  3. Family Drama Scenes.
  4. Indian Comedy Video.
  5. Pakistani Stage Dramas Groups.
  6. Best Comedian Groups.
  7. Movies Groups.
  8. Music Videos Groups.
  9. Romantic Bollywood Videos Groups.
  10. Hollywood Movies Groups.
  11. Likee Videos Groups.
  12. PUBG Mobile Videos.

Educational WhatsApp Group Link

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Get can a large number of Educational Groups for Whatsapp. You can join those groups for free, or add your own online tuition group in the app. Get the latest educational news, lecture, date sheets, results, and much more by joining Whatsapp Groups. You can get these things by joining Groups.

  1. Indian Educational Groups.
  2. Pakistani’s Education Groups.
  3. Bangladeshi, and many more countries.
  4. Latest Educational News Groups.
  5. Datasheets.
  6. Results.
  7. Online lecture videos.
  8. Online tuition.
  9. Old/past papers.
  10. PDFs
  11. Notes and many more things.

Religious Whatsapp Group Link

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You can join thousands of active groups about your religion. There’re many users around the world that add lots of religious groups in this app. Just go to the religious category of the app and find out the group according to your religion.

  1. Hindus Whatsapp Groups.
  2. Islamic Whatsapp Groups.
  3. Jewish and many others.

Indian Whatsapp Group Link

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Get thousands of latest and active Indian Whatsapp group links by this apk – join or add your favorite Group in the app for free. Most of the users are Indian and they are adding lots of groups in the app. You can enjoy all types of WhatsApp Groups in this category.

  1. Best Indian Funny Clips Groups.
  2. Natural Indian Recipies Groups.
  3. Funny Indian Tiktokers Groups.
  4. Bollywood Indian Movies Groups.
  5. Real Indian Girls and Boys Groups.
  6. Indian TV Channels.
  7. Latest Indian News Groups.
  8. Indian Politics Groups.

Pakistani Whatsapp Group Link

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About 33% of users are Pakistani, they add Pakistani Whatsapp Groups in this app. They’re promoting many Pakistani things in the app. Everyone can join the group or add its own group in this app. There’re thousands of Pakistani Girls and Boys groups in WhatsLinks Apk.

  1. Best Pakistani Dramas Groups.
  2. Original Pakistani News Channel Groups.
  3. Ever Best Pakistani TV serials Groups.
  4. Funny Pakistani Tiktokers Groups.
  5. Good Pakistani Education Groups.
  6. Stylish Pakistani Boys Groups.
  7. Cute Pakistani Girls Groups.
  8. Natural Pakistani Recipies Groups.

US Whatsapp Group Link

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Many users are from the USA. Join some active American Whatsapp Groups and start enjoying. Now join the latest and new active American Whatsapp Group by using this App. There’re many original Groups of American users. You can get these types of groups in this category.

  1. Hollywood News.
  2. American News Groups.
  3. Movie Scenes.
  4. American Girls Groups.
  5. Daily News Groups.
  6. Tiktokers of USA Groups.
  7. Funny Videos and much more.

Girls Whatsapp Group Link

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There’re many female users of this app. If you’re a girl or boy group and want to get best friends over the Whatsapp then this app can help you to get best friends. Join or add your own group in this category and get some active users. You can get these types of groups in Girls Whatsapp Group Category.

  1. Best Friends Circle Groups.
  2. Girls Habits Groups.
  3. Voice Poetry Groups.
  4. Best Girls Tiktokers and TikTok Videos Groups.
  5. Likee Videos of Girls.
  6. Girls Photography poses.
  7. Instagram Girl Groups, and much more.

More Whatsapp Group Link Apk Categories

Our main category countdown has ended and now I’m going to state some further categories of Whatsapp Group Link. The top categories of Whatsapp Group Link are listed below.

  1. Memes WhatsApp Group Link
  2. Video Memes WhatsApp Group Link
  3. Youtubers WhatsApp Group Link
  4. Roasting WhatsApp Group Link
  5. Funny Clips WhatsApp Group Link
  6. Tote WhatsApp Group Link
  7. Adult WhatsApp Group Link
  8. Computer WhatsApp Group Link
  9. Mobile WhatsApp Group Link
  10. Facebook WhatsApp Group Link
  11. Online WhatsApp Group Link
  12. Poetry WhatsApp Group Link
  13. Science WhatsApp Group Link
  14. Arts WhatsApp Group Link
  15. Mathematics WhatsApp Group Link
  16. Biology WhatsApp Group Link
  17. Quotes WhatsApp Group Link
  18. Facts WhatsApp Group Link
  19. Urdu WhatsApp Group Link
  20. Hindi WhatsApp Group Link


Guys, this was the humble article about WhatsApp Group Link Apk. In this article, I’ve shared an amazing WhatsApp Group Link App that lets you join 10000 daily WhatsApp Group. Here I told you everything about WhatsApp Group that what is group, how to create a group, how to join group, and what are some main categories of the WhatsApp Groups. Now just install and start enjoying unlimited Groups.

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