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Feeling bored? – Join some active groups and chill. But there is a problem where to join? Don’t worry I am here with a wonderful and pro apk for WhatsApp groups.

Join Groups

You can join unlimited Active WhatsApp Groups to enjoy Funny clips, video, and many more things. If you really were looking for WhatsApp groups then you just found it. Here I’ll share an application to join those all groups. This application is named WhatsLinks Apk. So let’s talk.

WhatsLinks – WhatsApp Groups Links App

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WhatsLinks Apk is a professional application to find and join active groups of WhatsApp. This app is free of cost and lets you join any group. In more, you can add your own group to make it healthy, I mean to get some more members. There are many categories of groups. Thousands of groups are in one category. Users also add groups, so you can easily find active groups.

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Now we are going to discuss some main features of this application. So, you have to know everything about this app before you go to use it.

  • Easy to Use

Yes, this is easy to use the app. Even a child’s brain can understand and use this app. Just one tap to join your favorite group. Enter your group’s name and Link, select category and click Add button to add your group in the App.

  • Multi-Category

All the groups in this app are categorized. Some main categories are listed below. You will have to select any category while adding your group. This makes easier to find active and favorite WhatsApp.

  • Simple Design

The app is designed by seeing the WhatsApp official app. Its design is so simple and user-friendly. There are not bad colors and useless options in the app.

Top Categories:

These are some main categories, you can find active groups from these categories. It is easy to find your favorite group by category. We’ll introduce some more categories in the next update.

  1. Education WhatsApp Groups.
  2. Entertainment Groups.
  3. Funny WhatsApp Groups.
  4. Interesting Videos Groups.
  5. Facts Videos Groups.
  6. Article WhatsApp Groups.
  7. Arts WhatsApp Groups.
  8. Science WhatsApp Groups.
  9. History WhatsApp Groups.
  10. Computer WhatsApp Groups.
  11. Online Field Groups.
  12. Learning WhatsApp Groups.
  13. Religion WhatsApp Groups.
  14. Country WhatsApp Groups.
  15. Movies WhatsApp Groups.
  16. Video and Audio Music Groups.
  17. Social Life WhatsApp Groups.
  18. Apps and Games Groups.
  19. Health Tips WhatsApp Groups.
  20. Poetry WhatsApp Groups.
  21. Quotes WhatsApp Groups.
  22. Memes WhatsApp Groups.


Guys, this was a humble article about WhatsApp Group Link Apk I mean WhatsLinks Apk. If you are having any issue while installing this app or any other problem then kindly comment here.

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