Lock for Apps (WhatsLock Apk) Download and Reviews

After writing some WhatsApp tricks I came to know that I am missing one app for WhatsApp. That is WhatsLock Apk known as Lock for Apps. By using this app you can lock Apps on your mobile phone. You’ll be able to create fake covers to make your personal things safe and secure. So, without wasting time we should know about this application. 


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Lock for Apps (WhatsLock)

This is an application to lock some special apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook. When you want to make your personal apps more secure then you’ll need to install this app. By using this locker, you can lock the uninstalling function of your mobile phone. So, this makes your apps and data more secure. 
  • Free and Paid:
This app is available in both categories, I mean to say that you can a paid version of this app or you can use the free version of this app without paying nothing. If you want more functions in this app then  I recommend purchasing a plan. Basic functions are free like Chat locking, App locking, and Interactive window. 
  • Easy to Use:
Yes, this app is also easy to use. Install, set password, enter recovery email, give some permissions, and start enjoying this application. There are not many confusing settings, just give storage access permission and start using it. 
  • Good Design:
Being sincere, I would like to say that the design of this isn’t better or best, it is just good. This is because of its bad colors. If you have any eye issues then don’t use otherwise you can enjoy these colors. 
  • Best Apps Locker:
Yes, I have seen it as the best apps locker. You can lock any app using this. Security is admirable. After locking any app you should lock Play Store and Uninstaller because one delete and reinstall any app. This was just a security tip.
  • Hide:
Instead of locking, you can hide your apps, pictures, videos, and other personal documents. If you don’t want to put PIN every time then hide your apps. If you have any personal video or picture that you don’t to be seen by anyone else, then install this app to make it safe.
Must read: If you think that giving some permission to this app is not secure then you can uninstall the app because if you don’t trust someone then use its product. But the developers say that they don’t steal anything from their users. They just want this permission for better use of the application. I think this permission is to read data in-app. 
Installs: 1M
Apk Size: 16MBs (Varies with device)
Required Versions: Varies with the device (Successfully tested in 5.0)


Guys, I have shared what I have. Now it is upon you that how you treat WhatsLock Apk. I hope that you’ll the app, if you are having any issue in this app then kindly tell me in comments. 

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