How to Withdraw Money from Snack Video

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Are you earning money from Snack Video? Want to get withdrawal? Don’t here we’ll discuss how to withdraw money from Snack Video? You are going to get knowledge about Snack Video Withdraw.  A new short videos app Snack Video is paying money in Pakistan and other countries. Creators and users both are earning money by different methods.

If you also have earned some coins and want to get a withdrawal from your account, follow the steps below and get all details. In high demand of users, we are writing this article, in which you can learn withdrawal process, and all problems. If you are also facing withdrawal failure or something like this, read the steps below to solve your issues.

How to Withdraw Money From Snack Video

Before starting lemme tell you there will be an issue if you don’t follow the step-by-step guide to withdraw your money. I recommend you to follow this guideline to get money in your account. I hope you’ll not face any problems. You can comment below the post, in case of any trouble.

How to Withdraw Money from Snack Video?

Here is how you how do you get a withdrawal from snake video in Pakistan. Just follow the step-by-step guide and get a withdrawal from the Snack App. First of all, I will tell you the withdrawal process and then other related questions. Start reading…

“Note: withdrawal limit depends on the money in your account. On less money, you will get fewer withdrawal options.”

For example, I have about 30,000 Pakistani rupees, the higher limit to withdraw money is 1,200 PKR. Also, you will get only one withdrawal per day. So this is the time limit, you can withdraw money after that time.

Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process is very easy in the snack video app. First of all, you will have to request money from the app. They will send the amount you requested to your account. Time also depends on the payment option you selected. If you have selected Easypaisa or Bank account it will take little time to process.

Withdrawal Method

This is a very easy method to withdraw money from the snack video app. You can also the pictorial guide below this instruction. Do the same thing I am going to tell you here. Follow these steps to successfully get withdrawal.

  • Open the snake video app.
  • Open your wallet and go to balance.
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Select the payment method/option.
  • Enter your account details.
  • Click on the withdraw button.

You have successfully requested a withdrawal from the snack app. Easypaisa is highly recommended because it takes less time to process. Just put your name and the number on which you are using the Easypaisa account.

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If you face any problem during the withdrawal process, kindly move to the solution of your issue. If you can find it, then kindly comment below this article.

Snack Video Withdrawal Problems

There are maybe issues and problems in this process so read about them and solve your Withdraw Problem. If you see Withdraw Failed that means something is wrong with your account. Check and make sure these things and proceed to solve your problem.

Make sure,

  • Your account is verified by phone number (Linked).
  • You’ve not made any withdrawal in past 24  hours.
  • Your EasyPaisa/JazzCash is activated and valid.
  • You’re not using Snack Account elsewhere.

If you think, you are done by these steps and still not getting withdrawal then fix the problem that you are getting. I’ve given the solution to the most faced problems below.

Withdrawal Failed

If it shows that “Withdraw Failed” you can see the details below why it happened. There must be an issue from these problems. The first problem you’ll face is “Your account condition is abnormal” and the second most irritating withdrawal failed due to your account is bounding with another account ID.

Fix Account condition abnormal:

  • Logout account from all devices
  • Login into the Fresh device.
  • Request a new withdrawal.
  • Don’t use a previously used EasyPaisa account.

Fix Account bounded to another account ID:

  • Open Snack Video App.
  • Go and withdraw money.
  • Insert a new EasyPaisa account number.
  • Use a fresh account number.

If you don’t want to see this issue in any other account then don’t use previously EasyPaisa/JazzCash account number in your new Snack Video account.

Withdrawal Details

If you have made a withdrawal recently and you want to get Withdraw Details then wait for the upcoming SMS on your phone number. EasyPaisa will send you details of the received money shortly after the process. And, JazzCash takes few days to process the withdrawal. Keep checking your account. Hope you’ll get your money soon…

Bonus Tips

This was the humble article about how to get your 1st withdrawal from Snack Video in Pakistan? In this article, I’ve explained the withdrawal details, process, and method. I’ve also told you about how to fix some technical issues during withdrawal. I highly recommend you to use a Bank account or EasyPaisa for getting money from Snack Video.

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