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All VPNs and all old tricks and codes 2019 are banned on Zong but don’t worry. Today your brother will share lots of new codes and tricks of 2020 with you. I received 10GBs on my Zong SIM, the proof has been shown in the video. Now start and read and try to understand these Zong free internet tricks and codes.

How to Check Free Internet Data?

I think that there is a need to tell you how to check free internet data on your ZONG SIM. It bit difficult than other networks. But when we are once experienced then it is not a big deal.

Dial *102# or Instal MyZong app to check your remaining free internet data and many more things. You can check free resources, new bundles, new offers, remaining call minutes, remaining MB, SMS, and many more things in My Zong SIM.

Official Tricks and Codes:

First of all, we’ll read about some official offers by Zong, that are working for everyone at every time.

My Zong App

You can easily get 4GB by My Zong App. Zong gives you 4GB on your first sign-up. If you have not used My Zong app then install it now and enjoy 4GB for 7 Days free of any cost. No need to dial any code, no need to change any APN, no need to try any trick, just install the app and login/sign-up. You’ll automatically get 4GB free internet data on you Zong in some next hours.

Free 4GB on Zong 4G

If you are using 3G Zong SIM or bought just new SIM and want to get 4GB free internet data then simply dial *44# and enjoy 4GB free internet for 7 days. Kindly replace 3G SIM to 4G SIM card and then dial the code. On 4G Zong SIM simply dial *44# then you’ll get 4GBs free internet on your ZONG in some next hours.

Free YouTube on Zong 4G

Yes, it is the truth that ZONG is giving you Free YouTube but it doesn’t work for me. I mean got free YouTube on my friend’s SIM but it didn’t work for me. So, if you are lucky then try this code (*11#) on you Zong SIM. If time is good then you’ll get free YouTube otherwise come back to get some more tricks.

Free Facebook on ZONG 4G

Zong and almost all companies in Pakistan are giving unlimited free Facebook. You can enjoy unlimited Facebook on your ZONG 4G without subscribing to any bundle.

To use free facebook just go on Facebook and log in to your account. Then to use Facebook free click “continue” and then switch to free mode. You can easily turn on data mode by clicking the button at the top.

Note: Don’t turn data when you do not have an internet package. Otherwise, data charges may apply. To avoid this, turn on “restrict background data using” – to do this simply find it in the data usage option.

Free Minutes, SMS, and MBs

Sorry for mentioning free minutes in the post of free internet – it is my duty to share everything that is free on ZONG 4G.¬†You can avail free minutes, SMS, and MBs on ZONG 4G by just dialing *10# on your new SIM. You can also get this also if you’re not using it before.

Dial *10# to Subscribe.
Dial *102# to check status.
You’ll get 1000mins and 2000MBs.
You can use these minutes and MBs for only 7 days.

Extra Zong Free Internet Codes

Guys, these are some extra free internet code. You can try these codes on your ZONG 4G. If you’ve not tried these codes yet then try and good luck, I hope that any of these will work for you.

Code Data (MBs)
*537*2# 1500MBs
*568#*11# 4000MBs
*56*8*23# 500MBs
*7863*86# 1000MBs
*117*111*2# 2024MBs
*563*85*23# 1024MBs
*44# 4096MBs
*10# 1024MBs


Guys, this was a humble article on Zong 4G free internet. If you have Jazz SIM then try these free internet tricks and code on your Jazz 4G. I’ll keep updating these codes and tricks daily, So, bookmark (save) this blog. Keep loving.

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