Zong Free Internet Tricks 2020 (Updated Code List)

Guys, today I’ll tell you how to use free internet on Zong. In this post, I’ll share some easy methods of Zong Codes for free internet. If you really want to use free internet then you can use these methods.

Zong Official Free Internet Trick No.1

Even this is not a trick but our people say that it is called a trick, Zong officially announced that if you use their official My Zong application then they’ll give 4GB of free internet for 7 days.
So, if you want to get that 4GB free internet on Zong then just follow these simple steps. Go to the Google Play Store → Search there for My Zong → Click on Install → After Installing register their by your Zong Phone Number → Use the app for a moment, you’ll get 4GB free data soo.

Free Facebook On Zong.

Every 4G network is giving Facebook free. If you have Zong 4G then you can use Facebook for free at fast speed. Here I’ll explain how it works. 
If you use Facebook on Zong for the first time then it will be free with photos. If you have used Facebook on Zong then it will be free without photos.
If you want to use Facebook free on Zong with photos then just create a new Facebook account and enjoy the free Facebook with photos for 14 days. 

Zong New SIM Offer.

If you are buying new Zong SIM are have bought then there is a piece of good news for you. Zong is offering 2GB free internet on Zong New SIM – this is not only 2GB you can make it 10GB by using other tricks. 
After buying a new SIM just dial *10# and get 2GB of free internet on Zong. After getting this you can install My Zong app and get the 4GB from it, now your total MBs are 6GB. By getting 4GB free internet from our next trick, your total free data will e around 10GB. 

Zong 4G – Just Dial.

Zong is offering 4GB free internet for every user. You can get the free data by just dialing *44# – after this, you’ll get 4GB if you are a new Zong user then after getting every free internet, your free data will be 10GB. 
So, if you just bought the new Zong SIM then just apply these all methods to your SIM. I am sure that you’ll get 10GB free internet. 

Zong Free Internet By VPN.

At this time, you can use free internet by just using free VPN. If you want to learn how to get unlimited free internet on SIM then just watch the video below. 
In this video, I’ll show you, how to use a VPN and how to make it unlimited. The whole method is discussed in the video.


In this video and article, we have discussed some tricks for Zong’s official free internet. I have told you all the tricks that are working for me now. If any trick doesn’t work for you then visit the Zong Website for any news about that offer. 
If you want to ask any question about VPN method then comment here, I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. 

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