Zong Free Internet VPN 2021 – [Easy Settings]

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Zong Free Internet VPN 2021 is here, you can use Free Internet on Zong by VPN. This is the method to use Unlimited Free Internet on Zong SIM. In this article, I’ll tell you about VPN and the settings of V2ray VPN. Using this VPN you can get unlimited free internet on your Android. Read about Jazz Free VPN also.

There are many VPNs to use for free internet on ZONG. But which one has fast speed and an unlimited plan? Here is the best VPN for ZONG free Internet and settings are also explained here.  Try this VPN and Settings and get fast speed free internet on your ZONG 4G.

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I’ve tested this VPN on my phone and got the best speed of over 20MBps. You can also get fast speed by using these settings. I’ve shared the screenshots of settings with proof. Also, check my detailed video on YouTube. In the video, I’ve explained everything very well.

Zong Free Internet VPN 2021

Now I’m going to review all VPNs working on ZONG to use free Internet. If you like any of them then download and make settings to start the free package. You don’t need to subscribe to any bundle until these VPNs are working on ZONG. Let’s start.

Rapid Inject Pro

Zong Free Rapid Inject PRO is a free HTTP/SSH/SSL TUNNEL VPN that helps in encrypting and shielding your IP and internet browsing with an ultimate high-speed internet connection. Optimizing for Android, Rapid Inject PRO helps defend your Wi-Fi hotspot protection and guards your online record privacy.

Get Rapid Injector  Pro

Star VPN Pro

Now use fast free internet with STAR PRO VPN –  Easy to use, one-click to connecting VPN. You can simply unblock websites and stream your desired shows. It allows multiple servers worldwide, assuring you a lightning-fast connection. You will be capable to surf anonymously and smoothly use unblocking websites. Download it now and experience online freedom.

Get Star VN Pro

EC tunnel Pro/Lite

EC tunnel Zong

EC Tunnel PRO, also identified as Entclass Tunnel PRO – is a free endless Proxy VPN with SSH, HTTP & SSL connections. It also shields your internet traffic when using public Hotspots / Wi-Fi or even your local internet service. It will also assist you bypass firewalls and page blocks. Moreover, you can obtain free internet access by using the built-in proxy tweaks to bypass domain/IP based restrictions/billing.

Install EC tunnel PRO

Install EC tunnel Lite


HTTP Custom

HTTP Custom

If you don’t have time, enjoy this VPN at a fast speed. HTTP custom and settings file is given below. Just download and enjoy the free internet on ZONG 4g. Using this VPN/SSH you can use free internet in Pakistan. If you are looking for HTTP custom Settings Config File then downloads it from here.

Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File


Settings File (.ht) is given below, simply download and import on your HTTP CUSTOM. If you have not installed the VPN then find it on Google Play Store.

HA Tunnel Plus

HA Tunnel Plus

HA tunnel is the 1st VPN that is still working free on Zong. You can get the speed 13MBps. If you are going to use this VPN then kindly the video if you want to increase the time limit on this app. Because this is a premium VPN tunnel and provides only a few minutes to use free service.


Get it on Google Play Store and launch the app after successful installation. Now you’ll have to import the settings file. Just get the file for settings below. Choose “Multipurpose” and click to start.

OpenTunnel SSH VPN

OpenTunnel Zong Free Internet

OpenTunnel is the fastest and working VPN on Zong for Free Internet. If you want to use the free net on the ZONG then try this VPN and get fast speed internet. This small size VPN gives you perfect speed even over weak signals.


Download OpenTunnel from Google Play Store and install it, then make these settings. Download the settings file and simply import it into the VPN settings.

Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File

Import these settings and connect the VPN SSH by clicking the START button on the homepage.

V2ray Connector VPN

V2ray VPN for Zong Free Internet


V2ray VPN is now working on ZONG for free internet. You can connect this VPN free without a package, and start using free data on your android. On this VPN, you can get about 25MBps Speed for free. Settings are explained below.


Download V2ray Connector from the Play Store and open it. On 1st time, you’ll see empty settings but don’t worry you can import or create new settings.

  • Copy the whole text given below.
  • Open V2ray Connector.
  • Click on the Plus + button.
  • Click “Import Config from Clipboard”.
  • Done, you can start.

These are basic example settings, but if you are experiencing slow speed then kindly make your own settings. Creating settings is very easy, you check the video on my YouTube Channel.

KPN tunnel VPN

KPN tunnel

KPN Tunnel is also working on ZONG by now, but it has less speed than the V2ray Connector. But is very easy to create settings and use free internet through this VPN. Don’t this VPN also has over 10MBps speed, I’ve tested.


Get KPN tunnel here on Google Play Store, and install it. After installing, open and make just little changes that I am going to tell you. You’ll also need a file to import, which is given below.

  • Open the KPN tunnel.
  • Click on the PLANE button.
  • Scroll down to Socks Forwarder.
  • Insert the “8880” in that value.
  • Select VPN service in Connection Forwarder.
  • Check/tick DNS forwarder and Enable DNS.
  • Go back, and click three dots/menu.
  • Click config and import the settings file.
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File
Config SettingsGet File

Get Settings File and import it in KPN tunnel, once everything is done then save and click the Start button. It’ll take a little time to connect to the VPN. When it is connected, then you can start using free internet.

How to Use Free Internet on Zong?

Zong sometimes offers its users to use free internet for some time but we don’t know when we’ll get the free offer. There are many offers and codes around YouTube and Blogs but only a few of them are working. Here are the best tricks to use free internet on Zong. Try any of the VPN that I’ve explained above. If you need more details about the settings of VPN check our videos on YouTube.



Guys, I’ve given the best speed VPN for Zong Free Internet, if you need to use free internet then try these VPNs. You’ll get the best speed and unlimited internet. We’ll keep sharing more VPNs and Zong Free Internet Tricks, follow this blog. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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